Adult Living Industry

Adult Living Industry

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Adult living industry basically deals with taking care of senior people in the American society who are above 55 years. This industry entails many institutions that offer their services and they include; seniors housing and care industry of the national investment, the ageing research alliance, and the American Federation of assisted living and the housing association for the American seniors among others. These institutions perform different tasks in the adult living industry. For instance, the seniors housing and care industry of the national investment ensures that the American seniors’ housing and care needs are met. This industry’s main objective is to ensure that the quality of living for the adults is enhanced through the making of the right decisions on matters concerning investments. Comment by Rozlyn Zuber: You are on the right track with your introduction and thesis statement. You want to be sure your thesis statement is specific and state what the topic of your paper. Visit this link to learn more about developing your thesis statement: Comment by Rozlyn Zuber: Describe the background of the problem.

The Mmission of the Adult Living Industry

This industry entails many institutions which offer services to the senior in Americainstitutions, which offer services to the senior in America, and every institution in this industry has a mission towards which they work towards. work. For instance, the capital seniors living industry has got a well-established mission whereby the company works towards ensuring quality housing and services to its customers (Capital Senior Living, 2018). Also, the capital senior living steers its customers towards participation in different activities and programs that the institution offers. Actually, the mission of every institution in this industry aims at bettering the life of the senior people through ensuring that their health and psychological status are taken care of. Comment by Rozlyn Zuber: Good effort. This section should clearly Identify the stakeholders/change agents. Who or what organizations are concerned about, may benefit from, or are affected by this proposal. List the interested parties, patients, students, agencies, Joint Commission, etc. Keep up the good effort.

Services Offered by the Adult Living Industry

This industry ensures that adults with disabilities are well taken care of. It ensures adequate operation of the institutions and the management of their activities in conducting their activities (Sunrise Senior Living 2018). This industry offers services like enrichment in life for the adults, residence programs and temporal accommodation of different lifestyles. Also, services like daily meals, transportation, security and supervision, social programs, laundry services, and even medical services are also offered to the adults in this industry. In addition, this industry ensures that the adults have access to consultation and management services to the different institutions and their investors and operators who support them are able to make appropriate decisions that will enable the industry at large to attain their set objectives. The industry has got numerous trained and qualified personnel who know how to handle and deal with the old and handle those with disabilities. Comment by Rozlyn Zuber: The PICOT (PICOT: Population-Intervention-Comparison-Outcome-Timeframe)question is missing or not clear. Please revise according to the PICOT. Keep up the good effort.

Market and Revenue for the Adult Living Industry

The adult living industry is well spread in America with more than one million adult people enrolled in this program. It is also evident that this population may increaserise twice as much by the year 2030 due to the continuous increase in the number of adults enrolled in this program every year (Ortiz, 2017). Given that the American government has placed minimal restrictions for individuals who want to join this business, there are therefore a large number of institutions and investors conducting this program. It is also evident from research that the adult women are more than the male who are being enrolled in this industry. On the other hand, given that the American government has placed little restrictions towards this program; many institutions conducting these programs just require licensing and less non-profitable structures and other basic facilities which enable them to make a lot of profit in this industry (Ortiz, 2017). These facilities are also offered I accordance to the income level of the adult individuals and their families and hence they enable both the low social status and the higher social status personnel to afford these services more conveniently. This enables them to earn a lot of revenue. Also, these revenues accrued are mainly spent in the maintenance and management of the housing and service provision to the members of this industry and the society at large. Comment by Rozlyn Zuber: The purpose is clearly stated. However, the project objectives in specific, realistic, and measurable terms are not fully describes. The objective should address what is to be gained. This is a restatement of the question, providing focus. Measurements need to be taken before and after the evidence-based practice is introduced to identify the expected changes. Keep up the good effort.


Despite this industry working towards the betterment of the life of the adults and offering adequate services to the adults, some challenges like the mental illness and other impaired diseases really hinder the provision of these services (Culo, 2011). This is because these elderly are very vulnerable to many diseases and other issues hence this industry takes a great risk in disseminating its services.


Services offered by the adult living industry are very crucial to a country in terms of taking care of the elderly given that they cannot take care of themselves. The program is available since there are many elderly individuals and those who have retired who seek to enjoy these services. Due to the available resource and an increase in the number of the adults, the demand for these services has greatly increased. This is advantageous even for the nursing and medical practitioners who take care of the elderly in America since these services enable to easily take care of the elderly in a more appropriate manner. The adult living industry is very important to the adults, those retiring and those with disabilities in America.

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