Adult Living Industry Change Models

Adult Living Industry Change Models


Adult Living Industry Change Models

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Adult Living Industry Change Model

Adult living industry is a hospital that is concerned with the health of the adult citizens of the United States of America who are above the age of 55 years. To achieve this, we have to choose an evidence-based framework that will assist in implementing change in the health care sector and assist the adult care industry in making better decisions in investment. The EBP framework has seven phases that should be followed to completion. Comment by Rozlyn Zuber: Great effort! You are on the right track with your introduction and thesis statement. You want to be sure your thesis statement is specific and state what the topic of your paper. Keep up the good work.

Develop an issue statement

Developing a problem statement is the first step of implementing change, policies and better investment decisions in the adult living industry. During this step, the team concerned should issue a problem statement stating a particular issue that the entire adult living community is facing and all the relevant details. In this case, the issue is ensuring proper investment of the funds in the industry. The issue stated during this phase may be amended during the other phases of the EPB change model (Chorpita et al, 2005).

Quantifying the problem

During this phase, the issue that was stated in phase one is analyzed. The results should show the severity of the issue. The person concerned should be aware of the problem that people in the adult living community are encountering and thus be able to determine how far the issue has affected the people. The quantification of the issue i.e. whether the investment problem is severe or not, can also be amended later in the implementation phases (Chorpita et al, 2005).

Study the scientific literature published about the matter

During this phase, the relevant committee or personnel will go through the scientific literature. These may include the law books, journals and other publications that were written and published by experienced people about the investment issue that is identified to be affecting the adult living community. In some cases, other researchers might have solved the problem. The researcher should focus on studying the literature published about health communities that were having investment issues in the past and the actions that were taken to solve the matter. This will guide in the next steps of implementing change (Chorpita et al, 2005).

Develop program options

The committee or personnel involved should then analyze the information collected from the scientific literature to see the program options that are available for solving the issue and assign them priorities (Chorpita et al, 2005).

Developing an action plan for better investment in the adult living community

During this phase, the issue has been fully analyzed and therefore an action plan for solving the issue and achieving the desired results is put in action. The last two phases of the framework are also planned for in this phase (Chorpita et al, 2005).

Evaluation of the action plan

During this phase, the actions taken during the previous phase “the action plan” are analyzed. The output of the action plan is evaluated to determine whether the actions taken to act against the issue were effective. If the team involved has achieved their desired objectives, they can move to the next phase for disseminating the results. However, if the goals and objectives have not yet been achieved, amendments are made to the action plan to ensure the objectives are met (Chorpita et al, 2005).

Disseminate the result and findings

The final step of implementing change using the EPB framework is the dissemination of results. During this phase, the desired goal has been achieved and therefore the team involved can share their results to the public health bodies and the public. The team can publish books and journals that will assist other people having the same problem in the community when they will be reviewing the literature (Chorpita et al, 2005).

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Chorpita, B. F., Daleiden, E. L., & Weisz, J. R. (2005). Identifying and selecting the common elements of evidence based interventions: A distillation and matching model. Mental health services research, 7(1), 5-20.

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