Annual Operating Plan for the Human Resource Department/Division for Google INC

Annual Operating Plan for the Human Resource Department/Division for Google INC

Running Head: AHROP 2


Annual Operating Plan for the Human Resource Department/Division for Google INC


Walden University

June 10, 2019

Annual Operating Plan for the Human Resource Department of Google, INC.

1. Organization’s Mission & Vision: Google, INC. is one of the world’s biggest technology company that specialize in Interest related service. According to the Annual Report (2018), the vision statement states, “to remain a place of incredible creativity and innovation that uses our technical expertise to tackle big problems” (p. 3). The vision is clearly stated and the organization prides itself of it. As for the mission statement, Google states, “to organize the world’s information and make it universally accessible and useful.”

1.1. Key Organization Objectives.

(Read, then delete before submitting final version of this assignment: First, provide a clear academic introduction, using adequate supporting academic citations, to the concepts of planning objectives and strategies in the organization’s strategic plan, used to guide departmental operating plans. Next, write an academic introduction first, then list the objectives. Usually 2 – 4, general in nature and sets the direction the organization will head during the timeframe of its strategic plan). Google is known for thoer stragitic planning. Google’s organizational mission is to enable the company’s to flexibly addresses hum reasource meends. In their HR department, it is designed top facilitae and optimize HR manamgent activites.

1.2. Key Organization Strategies. (Read, then delete: Same as the previous section, begin with academic introduction, then list strategies. Usually 3 – 5, created during the strategic planning process that will allow the organization, as a whole, to achieve its targeted direction and plans to continue to support its mission and vision as complicated by current shifts and trends within their environment and industry, etc.; write each as a single sentence).

2.      Corporate HR Vision (Read and delete: This is based upon the mission and vision of the organization and derived from its strategic plan; often published. Write as a vision statement. YOU write it based on information you researched, if you cannot locate it ).


3.      Corporate HR Environmental Analysis (HR SWOT) (Read and deleted: YOU write these based on what you find in your general research).


4.      Annual Corporate HR Objectives and Strategies (Read and delete: Sets the overall direction and intent the HR Division will pursue to help the organization achieve its strategic plan for the business, setting direction for ALL local HR departments if multiple companies or local sites exist) .


4.1 Annual Corporate HR Objectives (Read and Delete: write academic introduction using citations about objectives)

4.2 Annual Corporate HR Strategies (Read and Delete: write academic introduction using citations explaing strategies)

5. Implementation of AHROP- (Read and Delete: anticipates likely challenges that will be faced during the implementation of the AHROP and then plans briefly for them, using the 3 categories identified).

6. Measurement and Assessment of AHROP – (Read and Delete: Begin with an academic introduction regarding the purpose and value of having measurements to assess the progress and status of the AHROP’s strategies).

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