Capstone project

Capstone project

Peer Review

Tamara Giebler

Harrison College

Design & Implementation of Health Care Initiatives

Sherry Grover

June 6, 2018

Project Summary

My project is on opening an affordable child care center for children with special needs. The center would have RN and LPN’S on staff at all times. Also, we would provide feeding (no matter how the child is to be feed), Early Intervention, speech, and therapy. Also, we would have staff available for the parents to get answers to many medical problems for their child or refer them to where they would need to go to assist them with these problems.

Small Miracles Daycare & Development Center is prepared to become one of the prominent special needs daycare facilities in Plainfield Indiana.

We realize that if our company is going to accomplish the goals that we have set for our business, then we must confirm that we form our business on a concrete foundation. We also must ensure that we follow the scheduled progression in setting up the company.

Needs Assessment

Explore the Need for the Current Situation

Identify choice of project:

Opening an affordable child care center for children with special needs in the Plainfield area.

Identify concerns:

Disabled children in Plainfield are not getting enough care.

The children are not being fed in the right way.

The disabled children need better medical care.

Determine where to collect data:

I will collect data from homes and hospitals in Plainfield area.

List Major Deadlines or Priorities:

Getting data on the number of disabled children in the area.

Creating an action plan for implementation.

Using data to come up with a budget for the basic needs.

Setting up the center

Gather and Analyze Data


Determine the target population:

I will target all disabled children in the Plainfield area.


Define the need or needs of target population as it relates to the project:

The children need

High quality child care

Better medical care


Support needs of population with data

The population needs to provide detailed information on all the special needs children in the area including their names and age as well as their health records.


Prioritize the Needs (only use if more than one need exists)

High quality childcare

Better medical care


The cause of the need/s

Ignorance of some parents

Lack of enough resources by parents

Making Decisions


Medical care will be the priority

Better child care through better diet and clothing will be the second


Providing high quality healthcare facilities

Giving them better childcare for healthy upbringing

Supporting them with basic needs such as better diets and clothing.


Obtaining data on the number of special needs children in Plainfield area

Assessing their needs and coming up with solutions

Making a budget and putting the solutions into practice

Our Vision

Our vision is to improve the health of every child in the community for a better future.

Our Mission

Our mission is to enhance the health conditions of special needs children through providing the best medical care, safe, affordable, high-quality child care to where children are encouraged to grow at their own pace and which will benefit the child, the parent, the staff and the community.

Project Objective 1

Establish a child care center for children with special needs in the Plainfield area.

Project Objective 2

Ensure that all the children in the center have all their basic needs provided for including proper diet, medication, and shelter.

GANTT Chart Activities

Gantt charts actual time

Regarding showing the actual time spent on the activities, I will make sure that I record each activity against the time that I devote to each activity. This means that I will have to keep accurate track of all activities and the time allocated for each activity. Upon completion of each activity, I will record the actual time that each activity has taken to complete. Keeping an accurate record of all activities will make it straightforward to distinguish the time it took for each activity, as well as the whole project.

Mind Mapping

Budget Narrative

The budget is for fixed and variable expenses that are needed for Small Miracles Daycare & Development center to open. The fixed expenses are the goods that do not change with time such as start-up expenses $154,000, Legal expenses for obtaining licenses and permits of $1,500, Other start-up expenses including stationery of $500, and phone and utility deposits of $2,500. Operational price for the first 3 months salaries of employees, payments of bills $100,000. And the start-up inventory which is stocking with a wide variety of products such as toiletries, foodstuff, and drugs $45,000. Insurance $3,100 which consists of general liability, workers’ compensation, and property casualty insurance coverage premium. The utilities would be $2,100 for telephone, electricity, gas, and water. Computer software is $7,000 for accounting Software, payroll software, CRM software, Microsoft Office, QuickBooks Pro, drug interaction software, and physician desk reference software. Rent is $67,000, the cost of leasing a standard & secured building for 3 years $200,000.

While the variable expenses are the ones that change with time such as direct materials- $19,950 which is the expenditure for facility remodeling. Marketing is $4,300, $800 for the grand opening, $3,500 for flyer printing, of 2,000 flyers at $0.04 per copy. Supplies and equipment is $15,700, storage hardware bins, rack, and shelves is $3,700. The cost of the purchase of furniture and gadgets such as Beds, cribs, computers, printers, telephone, TVs, tables and chairs is $4,000. Outside playground is $8,000. Food expenses are $4,300. Registration fees are $2,250 Registering the Business would be $750.00. And all miscellaneous costs are $10,000.

The prices that vary with time are grouped on one category while the others are put together in one. The budget contains the people that finance the business as well as the particular items needed. We would need an approximately $450,000 to positively establish our special needs daycare facility in Plainfield, Indiana. This amount does include the wages of all staff members for the first month of business. The funding will come from personal savings $100,000, a soft loan from family members $50,000, and a personal loan of $300,000.


SWOT Analysis


Internal Threats External Threats
Strengths Opportunities
Our strength is in part that we have a great team of well-qualified professionals managing numerous job positions in our company. The opportunities that are available to special needs daycare business are limitless because we have plenty of children with special needs in Plainfield, Indiana area. Also, we are going to station our daycare in the area to make the best out of the children within that area.
The location will be in a well-located spot that has accessibility for wheelchair access for disabled vehicles. Payment Strategies; To make sure that the children stay with our daycare center for a more constant amount of time, we will offer exclusive discounts if they pay months ahead of time.
Our daycare center will be safe and secure allowing parents to feel comfortable leaving their children at the center. Forming a positive atmosphere will please parents, and for that reason, our customers will be much more satisfied. well-equipped facility and our exceptional customer service culture will count as a definite strength. Camps, Trips, & opportunities; There is also the probability of going on trips and camps as an additional charge. There is also the probability of going on trips and camps as an additional charge. This would mean that parents would allow their children to stay overnight. Children would also experience a different environment, but it isn’t crucial to providing excellent childcare.
Educational Support; Our center will offer quality education assistance. For our before and after school children, there will be an opportunity for the encouragement from our center, and we will provide to help with homework and any fundamental skills such as mathematics, reading, and writing. The center will also offer necessary educational qualifications for the children, this way they are prepared for kindergarten.


Weaknesses Threats
Small Miracles Daycare & Development Center is a new business which is owned by an individual and does not have the financial muscle to sustain the kind of publicity we want to give our business. Like any other daycare business, one of the significant risks that we are liable to go through is to face is an economic downturn and unfavorable government policies. Another threat that may likely confront us is the arrival of a new, more prominent and well established special needs daycare in the same location where our daycare will be located.
Food; As a daycare center we would provide the food at an extra cost, the concern with this is some children do not like all food, and some have allergies. To avoid problems associated with this would be to get parents to fill in some information regarding diets when they are joining up. Parents Preferring Normal Day Care; Parents may be comfortable with their current daycare situation and not contemplate us. But to place us on the radar we will present economic prices.
Funds; Our center would require a significant amount of funds to start as we would like to design a fun but safe setting for all children. The center would have to be roomy and have access for wheelchairs. This would be more expensive to build than the average daycare center. The idea is to construct a fun atmosphere and visually pleasing, not like hospital. To anticipate this, we would require funding from a banker, donations or sponsorships. The idea being Replicated; Once our daycare center is up and running in one area, there is the possibility that others may emerge in different regions. Others could work faster and have more funds available. We must provide exceptional care and concentrate on other beneficial parts of childcare not only the addition.
Difficult to start; The daycare center will be difficult to start due to funding and other children in existing centers. Existing Competition; Regardless that we built in different areas, there are existing daycare centers that children are placed into. The location and our exceptional facility would verify that we are just as equal as others. We would also offer a one-week free trial so to entice people to switch. External Factors affecting the number of children.

Evaluation Survey

1. Would you use child care services if they were available to you?



2. Please mark the type of child care needed:

Full Time

Half Days

Partial Week

Half Days-Partial wk.

After School Care

Night Care or Evening Care

Skilled Child Care


3 Please check the days you need child care. Check all that apply.


Snow days, holidays, summer breaks

Skilled Child Care

Respite care


4. Please mark the location/type of care you are currently utilizing:

Day Care Center

Family Care Center

Provider in my own Home


Care by family members

After School Care

Care by older sibling

Care by older medical Personnel


5. If you do not utilize child care services, what prevents you from using services?





Hours of Operation

Happy with current provider

Medical Care of Special Needs Child



Berry, J. G., Hall, M., Cohen, E., O’Neill, M., & Feudtner, C. (2015). Ways to Identify Children with Medical Complexity and the Importance of Why. The Journal of Pediatrics, 167(2), 229–237.

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JanuaryFebruary March AprilMay June

KeyProposed TimeActual TimeTask Completed (X)

11 week

22 weeks

31 week

43 weeks

52 weeks

62 weeks

71 week

82 weeks

92 weeks

102 months

Open tender application

Select suppliers

Get medical practitioners

Employ personnel for cooking

Open the center for business on June 17,2018.

Visiting all homes in Plainfield area

Find an appropriate location

Plan a budget

Seek financial help

Set up center5. Setup the childcare center and furnish it as required.

6. Open tender applications for food and clothing suppliers.

7. Select the best suppliers regarding prices and convenience.



1. Visit all homes in Plainfield area to get the data on the number of special needs children in the area.

2. Find an appropriate location for the childcare center based on cost and accessibility.

3. Plan a budget for the items required to set up the childcare center.

4. Seek financial help from NGOs and government organizations.

8. Get the best medical practitioners for the health department.

9. Employ personnel for cooking and caring for the children.

10. Open the center for bussiness on June 17,2018 .

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Actual Difference

100,000.00$ 100,000.00$ -$

50,000.00$ 50,000.00$ -$

300,000.00$ 300,000.00$ -$

Total450,000.00$ 450,000.00$ -$

Budget Actual Difference

Start-up ExpensesStart up Expenses

Legal expenses for obtaining licenses and permits of $1,500,

Other start-up expenses including stationery ($500) and phone

and utility deposits ($2,500)

Start-up inventory stocking with a wide range of products such as

toiletries, foodstuff, and drugs – $50,000. Operational price for

the first 3 months salaries of employees, payments of bills–


$170,000154,000.00$ 16,000.00$

InsuranceInsuranceGeneral liability, workers’ compensation, and property casualty 3,400.00$ 3,100.00$ 300.00$

UtilitiesUtilitiesTelephone, electricity, gas, water 2,100.00$ 2,100.00$ -$

RentRentThe cost of leasing a standard and secured facility $66,50067,000.00$ (500.00)$

Computer Software

Accounting Software, Payroll Software, CRM Software,

Microsoft Office, QuickBooks Pro, drug interaction software,

Physician Desk Reference software $7,0007,000.00$ -$

Total$249,000233,200.00$ 15,800.00$

Budget Actual Difference


Grand opening, flyer printing, 2,000 flyers at $0.04 per copy 3,580.00$ 4,300.00$ (720.00)$

The expenditure for facility remodeling20,000.00$ 19,950.00$ 50.00$

Storage hardware bins, rack, shelves ,purchase of furniture and

gadgets and outside playground ect.15,000.00$ 15,700.00$ (700.00)$

4,300.00$ 4,300.00$ -$

Miscellaneous10,000.00$ 10,000.00$ -$

Registering the Business 2,250.00$ 2,250.00$ -$

Total55,130.00$ 56,500.00$ (1,370.00)$

Yearly Budget for “Small Miracles Daycare & Development Center”

Project Budget


Personal savings

Soft loan from family members

Personal loan


Fixed Expenses

Variable Expenses

Direct materials

Supplies and equipment

Registration fees

Food expenses

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