case analysis

case analysis

For the case analysis, answer the following questions in Memo format in a maximum of 4 pages single-spacedNote – Do not recite the case facts and do not answer in a Q&A format. Refer to the example I have posted in the Course Resources section in Moodle.

1. Provide an overall summary of your observations of the issues facing A. P. Moller-Maersk group as it relates to its talent management/people management initiatives.  In your summary, explain how you would characterize Maersk’s culture in shaping the work environment and senior leadership. 

2. Evaluate Maersk’s approach to talent management and address the extent to which they reflect best practices that focus on any one of three: (1) strategic alignment, (2) measurement and feedback, and (3) employee engagement.

3. What specific recommendations would you make to the leadership of A. P. Moller-Maersk to help address its talent management concerns. Be specific in your response and provide supporting rationale (e.g., why you would recommend a particular course of action). 

Helpful hints for writing a Memo:  The memo you are being asked to write would serve as an “internal” communication that issues have been identified and addressed. The opening of any memo/correspondence should spell out “why” you are writing. Generally the essential elements of the Memo include: (1) state the problems/issues as you see them, (2) describe the impact of those issues in the workplace, (3) introduce proposed solutions with justification/explanation for your approach, and (4) explain the action plan or next steps in the process.

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