Course Project (Scenario) Supplemental Information (Sheet 2)

Course Project (Scenario) Supplemental Information (Sheet 2)

2. Planning and management: Document data center relocation concerns and possible obstacles.

 Identify potential costs.

 Develop a budget.

 Develop a process list of all anticipated move-related tasks.

 Determine lessons learned from past moves.

 Test move processes to identify problems or issues.

 Obtain stakeholder approval to continue project.

3. Data center move strategy: Using the information collected during the CSA, develop a detailed move strategy.

 Identify key personnel who will be involved with executing the move.

o Determine if outsourcing of tasks is required.

 Identify potential risks.

o Develop risk mitigation processes.

 Assign servers and applications to move bundles.

 Prioritize the order in which bundles will be moved to the new data center.

4. Data center migration: This involves activities identified for execution of the move.

 Shift data center operations to a back-up site.

 Verify operations are working properly.

 Shut down current operations.

 Procure/order new equipment required.

 Uninstall existing equipment.

 Prepare for shipment.

 Track shipment.

 Receive shipments at new data center.

o New procurements

o Existing equipment

 Install equipment.

o Test and verify.

 Install software/applications.

o Test and verify.

 Migrate live data from backup site.

o Test and verify.

5. Post-move verification: Validate data center move was completed correctly and equipment and applications are functioning as required.

 Ensure all installations are complete.

 Conduct post- move benchmarks of performance,and compare with pre-move benchmarks to determine delta (difference), if any.

Course Project Scenario Supplemental Information (Sheet 2)

 Obtain stakeholder approval and acceptance.

Project Assignment

In this unit, you will complete three activities associated with the project scheduling phase, which include the work breakdown structure (WBS), Gantt chart, and project critical path method (CPM) network diagram. Use the course project scenario above and the information presented in this unit to complete the activities. Templates are provided for all three activities required in this unit.

Produce a WBS for the MSI project. Remember to use the scenario information

as the focal point for the work breakdown elements of the template.

Create a Gantt chart to reflect project scheduling. The Gantt chart template currently

has task names, start and finish dates, and durations from the e-mail example. Replace these with information for the MSI project. Fill out the sections of the Gantt chart template by using the scenario information and the WBS as focal points for each entry on the template.

The final task of this unit project is to produce a CPM project network diagram using the WBS and project schedule/Gantt chart to map out the activities and critical path for the project.

You are also encouraged to be creative and innovative in completing your work products and tasks identified in the assignment.

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