Evidence-Based Practice Project Proposal Format

Evidence-Based Practice Project Proposal Format

Use the following format and headings when constructing your final evidence-based practice project proposal paper.

1) Title page

2) Abstract (Minimum of 350 words)

a) Contains project title, project director’s name, and affiliation.

b) Presents a complete concise overview of all phases of the proposed project.

3) Section A: Problem Description

4) Section B: Literature Support

5) Section C: Solution Description

6) Section D: Change Model

7) Section E: Implementation Plan

8) Section F: Evaluation

9) Appendices

a) Critical Appraisal Checklists

b) Evaluation Table

c) Conceptual Models

d) Timeline

e) Resource List

f) Proposal Instruments

g) Data Collection Tool

h) Budget

i) Optional

i) Approval Forms

ii) Handouts

iii) Evaluation Tools

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