Executive Summary (Tanya)

Executive Summary (Tanya)

Avila Campbell Miller Norris & Vento LLC (ACMN&V) founded as of May 01, 2018 to intends to invest in a mentoring program to strategically develop employees; furthermore, it will contribute to CMN&V organizational development. Though the mentorship program, ACMN&V intends to invest resources for employees to reach in success in their careers which will ultimately benefit ACMN&V in the long-run. Overall, a Mentor program is a tool that show that ACMN&V cares about our employees and job satisfaction while anticipating more productive and loyal employees.

Needs Analysis/ Determined Outcomes (Tanya/Rosemarie)

Structure (Teisha)

Return on Investment (Charlotte)

Legal Issues (Charlotte)

SWOTT (Rosemarie)

Form of Measurement (Gerald)

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Form 1: Mentor and Mentee Roles and Responsibilities (Teisha)

Form 2: 1st Mentor Meeting Checklist and Meeting Guide (Charlotte)

Form 3: 1st Mentee Meeting Checklist and Meeting Guide (Gerald)

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