Global Talent

Global Talent

People use soft skills throughout the day in daily life without realizing it and organizations require certain soft skills when sourcing candidates. Soft skills also known as people skills are professional competencies and personal attributes obtained by a person, which could be; good manners, leadership, empathy, good communications, works well with diversity, focuses on teamwork and other qualities. Soft skills are the prime focus of organizations searching for global talent to represent companies, and the interpersonal abilities of the candidates are critical to the survival and the lasting impression of the organization. Due to the many cultural differences and perspectives, the soft skills of the company’s chosen talent may produce a positive or adverse effect on the multinational enterprise’s local headquarters along with locations within other countries.

The Hilton Corporation is a multinational hospitality giant known around the world that is continuously sourcing global talent along with local candidates based on soft skills that met the hospitality company’s needs. Some of the soft skills required by Hilton along with the procedure for sourcing talent to place in global roles in addition to other factors are discussed in this report. The report also gives an evaluation of the efficacy of Hilton’s sourcing strategy for global talent in addition to some best practices when talent sourcing. Also, some other factors that Hilton considers or should consider when selecting candidates for multinational locations.

Soft Skills Focused on by Hilton

The Hilton conducts the sourcing process through Global Career Website, Talent Acquisition Centers (TACs) within the United States and global university partnerships and Operation. The organization focuses on individuals that have relevant experience and qualities that are important to the Hilton’s service culture such as warmth, friendliness, authenticity, and empathy. The same attributes are required for leaders and team members at all levels to ensure that Hilton retains the most talented Team Members around the world (Hilton Team Members, 2017).

Gretchen Stroud, VP for Learning and Development, Hilton Worldwide states that communication, team building, and guest service skills are critical to Hilton’s success (Passport to Success, PTS at Hilton: Creating Shared Value, 2015). Guest service skills are the top priority whether you are greeting guest, creating beautiful rooms, helping the guest enjoy local culture or driving the guest to the airport for their trip home (“Hilton Careers – Areas Of Talent,” 2017). The hospitality industry makes up 10 percent of the global workforce, and young people are the majority in the workforce (Passport to Success, PTS at Hilton: Creating Shared Value, 2015). Everyone has the opportunity to learn, develop and grow into the leadership positions within Hilton.

Once hired by Hilton, there are mandatory and voluntary training for all Team Members in owned and managed hotels including the corporate offices. Hilton focuses on expanding upon existing life skills and develop new skills that include communication, team building, problem-solving, goal setting and guest service skills with all new and existing team members. Some other factors that Hilton focuses on are providing team Members with other training, coaching, and advice to benefit members growth like; English as a Second Language (ESL) Management and Leadership skills, and cross-cultural skills. Hilton offers leaders at all levels a mixture of opportunities, work-life balance programs, flexible work arrangements and a wellness champion network (Hilton Team Members, 2017), to encourage and retain talent.

Candidate Sourcing for Global Roles

It seems that every team member has some of the same training as any other team member in the company along with the opportunity to grow within the Hilton organization to a level of leadership that is comfortable for them. Hilton also seems to give every team member opportunities in being global talent and prefers to put local talent into local positions to ensure that there are no misunderstandings with culture, and knowledge of the area. On the Hilton company website, there is no information regarding sourcing candidates for global roles other than the company’s strategy for leveraging, promote diversity and inclusion in the framework of culture, talent and marketplace initiatives (Diversity & Inclusion, 2017). By researching some of the Hilton corporate positions in the job search on the Hilton, website, information has been gathered and combined to use or consider when sourcing candidates for leadership roles that are global. Based on certain job titles there is a list of priorities expected of the staff members that are in leadership positions and key competencies required of the leaders like; Strategic thinking, Business accountability, Creative thinking, Absolute discretion and confidentiality along with Self-confidence and good communication. Attributes for the global position should be; high standards of ethical conduct, integrity, discretion, confidentiality with sensitive information, effectively manage change, ensure collaboration within teams, resolve conflicts, and manage professional development, training, and mentoring. Along with the soft skills of warmth, friendliness, authenticity, and empathy.

Some other factors would be influential leaders that are approachable, upbeat with a natural ability to interact with team members, guests, and the general public (“Hilton Careers – Areas Of Talent,” 2017).

Hiltons Talent Sourcing Strategy

The talent sourcing strategy developed by Hilton is extremely efficient. Choosing in office professionals, owners, operators, and team members based on the candidate’s soft skills of warmth, friendliness, authenticity, and empathy all are relevant to the Hilton’s service culture. The attributes are requirements to communication, work on team building and have outstanding guest service skills. The ability to have talented team members perform exceptionally across the broad all achieving the same goal in 101 countries around the world, speaking 42 different languages, based on the sourcing strategy, training and development for team members at all levels is a well-planned and efficient approach. The strategy developed by Hilton and partnering with other companies to ensure a positive impact on sourcing talent and workforce training for local talent around the world has allowed Hilton to understand the unique needs of the different regions and local levels around the world. Developing partnerships with companies like International Youth Foundation (IYF), helped Hilton to develop the company’s training program, Passport to Success (PTS). The program helped Hilton to achieve goals in a way that is socially responsible, training local team members worldwide the essentials for communication, teamwork, and problem-solving skills in turn giving the company the ability to provide outstanding hospitality services, retain talent and continue to profit and grow (Hilton Worldwide”, 2017).

Factors and Considerations in Determining an Optimal Mix of Home and Host Country Nationals

The Hilton’s strategy when determining the mix of home and host country nationals is clear, Hilton believes in leveraging, promoting diversity and inclusion in the framework of the culture, talent, and marketplace initiatives. Hilton promotes global inclusiveness by creating engaging, innovative environments, which are staffed by the brightest talent in hospitality, which the company picked based on soft skills, ability, and knowledge. The Hilton then expanded on developing all team members with new skills along with guest service skills that meet the needs of the company and Hilton’s guest. With training in cross-cultural skills, diversity, and inclusivity of Hilton team members allow members to reflect the various cultures, perspectives and understand guest along with the communities around the world. By having a talented mixture of local and host country nationals offers a diverse and welcoming environment for workers and especially guest.

It is evident that Hilton’s strategy on staffing all locations in 101 countries with a diverse mixture of leadership and team members as possible, is an active approach. Perhaps the company would consider taking training and development a step further when staffing locations with a diverse mixture of team members. By customizing a training program for team members that will be in a mix of home and host country nationals the opportunity to ask questions about one another. By having a program that allows leadership and team members to understand one another, see things from a different perspective and grow together will allow the team to become closer and work smoother with one another. With leadership and team members working better with one another the Hilton has the opportunity to drive the company’s profits and revenue up even higher. Having leadership along with team members that are local and nationals train and develop together utilizing one another’s strengths and improving in areas that leaders and team members are weak can benefit Hilton. The Hilton’s staff can use all training tools offered by Hilton like; language development, study local cultures, research customs, and laws of the country, communicate and study with the staff team members that are local to the area. Hilton would then produce talent with an even stronger relationship and leadership skills to handle diverse staff and guest. The program would give the all team members the ability to experience cultures around the world and the ability to perform no matter where they are assigned to work. The program will continue to allow individual growth as a Team Member. Other people seeing a diversity and inclusion in the leadership team allows other team members and sourcing talents to see that opportunities to achieve their goals of becoming a leader in Commercial, Operations, Engineering, Finance, and a variety of jobs are obtainable.


The Hilton Corporation is a multinational hospitality giant in 101 countries around the world, with a well-developed strategy for continuously scouring talent from around the world and enhancing the skills of the hired talent with training and development programs that benefit the team members and the company. Hilton also retains talented team members by being more than just a place to work. Hilton staff members receive great benefits along with additional perks like; English as a Second Language (ESL), continuing education funding, help with adoption, home ownership, legal services, cross-cultural skills, Travel, work-family balance programs and coaching on a variety of topics. By focusing on team members, treating members like family, developing sourcing, training and development programs for talent along with encouraging, improving, promote diversity in the workplace Hilton can retain exceptional talent, keep guest happy, stay competitive and reach company goals.

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