Performance Consulting

Performance Consulting

Cedric L. Turner

Grantham University


My consulting firm is a family owned business that was founded by my wife and I in 2010. The name of our firm is Turner and Turner (TNT) Group. We have 25 employees that are well versed and specializes in in performance, management, information technology and performance improvements. We have numerous success stories that can be read in detail from our website. We concentrate on small and medium businesses and taking them to the next level and give them a competitive advantage. Business competitive advantage explains the core strategies or unique resources by which an organization sources and utilizes the same to achieve better results than the competitors in the marketplace (Kunle Ade, Mufutau Akanbi, & Tubosun, 2017). We conduct a deep dive analysis to learn as much as possible about the company prior to addressing the senior leadership. After learning the company and looking at their overall objective we are able to successfully address their needs. In addition, we provide a business plan, process improvements, and a detail evaluation plan that will lead to sustainment.

Purpose Statement

TNT Group main purpose is to successfully consult organizations and help them flourish through performance and management consulting. Our consultants bring their knowledge and expertise of a particular industry to the forefront as they assess company issues and offer strategic solutions to their clients (Emma, n.d.). Our services are sought out to improve an organization’s performance and management at all levels, it is tailored to that organization to help them meet or exceed their goals. TNT’s objective is to examine the organization’s performance and identify the root of the deficiencies and gaps that need improvement through analysis. The overhaul of the established services will produce change which will improve the organization’s business performance model. The noted changes will provide the organization with a better sense of direction and give the management the required tools to make better business decisions.

Mission Statement

Virtually all organizations have a mission statement that explains in very simple terms the organization’s purpose and reason for existence (Mello, 2015). TNT Group’s mission statement is clear and precise, it provides our customers with a snapshot of why we existence and what we offer. Established in 2010, Turner and Turner Group is a family owned consulting firm that offers valuable expertise, advice, and guidance in management and performance. We have a staff of professionals that are on the cutting edge of technology that delivers solutions to your problems.

Client Issues / Problems

TNT Group has been selected advise/guide the Serenity Cigar Lounge (SCL). The lounge has been under different ownership three times in the past seven years. The new owner has invited my firm in to assist with finding strategies that would enable business to flourish. The tobacco industry is a growing market, cigar lounges in particular have made a significant comeback in the last seven years. The ultimate goal of SCL is to provide quality customer service in an untroubled atmosphere. There are a few cigar lounges located throughout the city; however, the closest one is 30 minutes away. Research shows there is a considerable amount of customers in the area. The immediate competition consists of the other cigar lounges, tobacco shops, and vapor shops located in a 50-mile radius. Based on the demographics in the area the potential customers would be the average blue collar worker. A majority of cigar smokers are men; the target would be males between the ages of 25-55. The inventory consists of medium grade to high end cigars and a full bar is also offered. The cigar market will take a huge boost as a result of the United States easing the trade embargo with Cuba (Kemp & Imbert, 2014). This act alone leaves room for boundless growth in the industry. The new owner is looking for new strategies that will result in sustainability and ways to grow the business, which has failed in the past.


Once the goals and objectives have been set by the organization, there has to be a determination on what the best strategy will be to meet those objectives. TNT Group offer numerous strategies to maximize growth. Our consultant focusses on the core to development fundamental that lead to process improvements. We are able to provide interpersonal skills that improve customer service, communication, professionalism, problem solving and decision-making skills. In addition, we will help the company implement technology, correct procedures and policies that will ultimate contribute to sustainability. One of the key elements will be learning the organization and understanding the company’s strengths and weaknesses.


Developing a marketing strategy is very important to a businesses’ success. There are several strategies that will be used during the process. Finding the right location is imperative to attracting your targeted audience. This data can be collected through surveying customers to find if this is a prime location. Additional information can be requested from other businesses in the area. The next step is to look at their current advertisement and websites. A majority of advertisement is being done on social media, TNT will help them set up pages and look into smartphone applications. Other marketing strategies will be addressed based on the initial analysis.

Action Plan / Evaluation Process

Developing a business action plan will put the ideas and recommendations in motion. The action plan will provide a detailed performance and management strategies for SCL to gain the competitive advantage. The plan will look at their hiring process, training plans, and provide them with the most efficient way to evaluate their success. Monthly goals will be established and the progress will be continuously monitored and adjustments will be made to get them back on track.


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