Phase IV – Plan Summary

Phase IV – Plan Summary


Phase III – Project Management Roadmap

Penny Williams

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Human Resource Information Systems

Dr. Golaub

Strayer University

May 27, 2018


Human resource management in a company engages the process employee management in the company. Developing, the training and recruiting processes of a new workforce, as well as motivation and rewarding of staffs all, make up the roles of Human resource management. The department of human resource is, therefore, a very vital in a company enterprise as it significantly contributes to raising company’s performance in the market as well as competitiveness increase (Islam & Al Mamun, 2016). A human resource management that is efficient frequently results in effective performance of the company enterprise, thus increasing the performance of the company as well as competitiveness in the market.

Human Resource Information System

Modern technology advancement has really improved the effectiveness of business operations in a company. It has increased the efficiency and effectiveness of every department carrying activities in a business enterprise. Integrating the modern technology in all the operations of the human resource management has improved operations. This has made management of staffs in a business enterprise to be very effective and easy. There are a variety of human resource information systems that are being used in different business enterprises to assist in solving the challenge the business is undergoing.

Gladwell grocery stores management can implement the use of an operational type of human resource information system. This will help the Gladwell grocery stores to manage well employees as well as all the operations of the company effectively (Noe, Hollenbeck, Gerhart & Wright, 2006). The operational human resource information system is very effective, as it can manage diversity activities in the department of human resource management and focuses on Employee information system, position control system and performance management information system. This will assist in reducing much travel by the human resource from one place to another since the system does all the work from one place. Operational human resource information system also helps to improve the effectiveness of the process of recruitment in the Gladwell grocery stores, thus boosting the performance of the company in the market. On the other hand, operational human resource information system works the best for Gladwell grocery stores, thus the human resource should implement it to assist in the management of employees in the company.

Human Resource Information System Vendors

In the market the provides the human resource information system, there are a variety of vendors. The most reliable and major vendors in the market comprise the workforce ready and Automatic Payroll Systems. The Automatic Payroll Systems software is a free and comprehensive human resource information system which is web-based, and it can manage all the activities of human resource, benefit process as well as payroll from one online dashboard. The vendor is very cost effective (Suri, 2014). On the other hand, the workforce ready is a global well-known human capital management vendor that provides quality management capital solutions in the cloud. This vendor allows the company across an extensive range of companies to be able to use it without problems. The workforce ready is very expensive, that is why it requires companies in the market to use a lot of money to obtain and use it. Automatic Payroll Systems software, this will be the best vendor for Gladwell grocery stores, this is because it will provide comprehensive and a variety of human resource management duties at a time. This vendor will meet all the needs of the company perfectly.

Project Management Process

Executing a new system in a company enterprise will require an implementation process step by step. The execution of the operational human resource information system would have to follow the following steps. Installation is the first step. Execution of Automatic Payroll Systems software needs installation of the software needed to run the operations of the Gladwell grocery stores. Compatibility test will follow installation of the variety of systems in the company, the test should be done to make sure the system of the company can work efficiently with the software (Suri, 2014). Sufficient training will be done to make sure that the running of operational human resource information software is understood well by Tom Bell in the company. This will help improve the performance of the company. Tom Bell as the operations manager being trained on the software will ensure that the new system runs well in the company since Tom Bell will be the one to run the new system in the company.

Human Resource Information System Cost Justification

The cost that is involved in the execution process of the operational Human resource information system with the use of Automatic Payroll Systems software is much smaller as compared to other vendors in the market. Automatic Payroll Systems is the best vendor for the company. The matrix, cost-benefit analysis for the Automatic Payroll Systems software can be illustrated below.

Cost-Benefit Analysis of Operational Human Resource Information System

Project title Glad well Grocery stores Cost benefits analysis
Costs$ Benefits$
Automatic Payroll Systems installation 2500 Automatic Payroll Systems is the system that is profitable because of a variety of activities it can undertake on one online dashboard hence the net benefit is 4300 dollars every month.
Workforce ready installation 7750 The system installed will give a benefit of 750 dollars
Workers productivity increase 3500
Saving resources and time 7000
Work reduced for the human resource manager 5000
Total 10250 15500
Net saving 5050

The main advantage of the operational human resource information system includes cost reduction and revenue generation. The company will be able to make a lot of money in form of income from sales made in the company because of compensation and increased motivation for employees. The company will also gain from the reduction of potential indirect and direct costs as well as better decisions (Islam & Al Mamun, 2016). This will lead to increase sales and productivity in the company. The cost that will be incurred will be execution costs, which will be used during service and software agreements as well as the money to pay technical support that will be needed in running the new system.

Human Resource Metric Recommendation

The operational HRIS will boost Gladwell Grocery Store’s operations. The metrics of the HR that will best illustrate the advantages of the new system comprised of employee engagement, measurement plan, and performance. The metrics will show the importance of the roles of the HR that the operational HRIS will support (Noe, Hollenbeck, Gerhart & Wright, 2006). This establishes performance and measurement metrics establish the effect of the operational HRIS on the performance of the company. The employee engagement metrics help to determine the effect on the workers’ performance and morale. This is an excellent metrics to be used in the company.


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