Proposal Solution

Proposal Solution

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May 29, 2018 Comment by Rozlyn Zuber: Great APA format! All required elements of the title page, including running head and proper format. Good job!

Introduction Comment by Rozlyn Zuber:

The senior citizens are time consuming and if given much attention and can slow economic growth and as such the introduction of living homes for the aged is a brilliant idea in an effort to cut down costs and the labor needed in their nursing, proposed introduction of robots and high end technology which is evidently needed in aspects of feeding them, exercise and general therapy, timely routines among other chores (Melnyk, 2011). This proposed initiative can work well for a large population needing the nursing of diverse age from 55years crossa large population needing the nursing of diverse age from 55years crosses gender and it is not discriminative of ethnicity or patient’s disorders. Comment by Rozlyn Zuber: Thesis statement should be clear and specific to inform the reader the purpose of the paper. Keep up the good effort.

With this kind of program the intervention will be felt as the aged will feel more cared and will timely get attention plus less labor required more so less exposed to diseases. Comment by Rozlyn Zuber: Please use APA 6th writing composition and proper formatting.

Comparing to the normal nursing of the elderly a lot of labor is required plus risk of spread of diseases and not forgetting the delays in service delivery.

The initiative will result a bag full of positive outcomes that with no time be embraced by all.

Noting this is a sophisticated technology it can gradually be introduced to avoid cases of rejection and eventually take less time for the absorption. Comment by Rozlyn Zuber: This section should clearly describe the proposed solution (or intervention) for the problem and the way(s) in which it is consistent with current evidence. Heavily reference and provide substantial evidence for your solution or intervention. Keep up the good effort.

Organization Culture

The organization culture is well versed with a need to provide a home to the aged where they can be cared, nurtured, fed, treated, given therapy and loved. puttingPutting this in line with the culture introduction on proposed use of robotics and technology to replace human labor and increase service delivery will not only reduce the costs but will go in a long way in cementing the organization culture and creation of an enabling environment where elderly can feel home away from home. Comment by Rozlyn Zuber: Good effort. This section should fully explain the way(s) in which the proposed solution is consistent with the organization or community culture and resources. Keep up the good effort.

Expected Outcomes

The proposal is aimed at bringing a basket full of outcomes a breakdown of some of these includes the following; increased nurturing to a big population of the aged who need regular attention due to their advanced age. Reduced cost resulting to over reliance on human labor whichlabor, which at times is expensive or less in the labor market. Another milestone will be reduced exposure to diseases that at times pose a great challenge to both the nursing personnel and the aged as they interact (Melnyk, 2011). Another foreseen outcome will be creation of a comfortable home where the aged will be contented in staying considering they are away from their respective homes. It is also key to note time used will also be reduced in a big magnitude. A summation of this outcome will encourage more to join the elderly homes reducing the burden from their relatives hence resulting to tremendous economic growth. Comment by Rozlyn Zuber: Please revise with proper wording. Keep up the good effort. Comment by Rozlyn Zuber: Please revise fragmented sentence. Keep up the good effort. Comment by Rozlyn Zuber: Good effort. The expected outcomes of the project are described, but does fully demonstrate the flow with the PICOT.

Method to Achieve Outcomes

With this noble proposal at hand training of personnel and creation of awareness serves the first priority .Afterpriority. After training induction follows and gradually the program is introduced to select few then applying to the rest simultaneous with the willing first on the list as there will be resistance from some aged in the population. At the end the results will brand the initiative as a necessary measure to be employed in the institution.

There is expected resistance from some aged who still have an attachment to human nursing this will be addressed by first introducing to the willing members only so that with the perceived results will help the resisting gain trust of the proposal plusproposal plus increased awareness creation will result to acceptance of the new initiative. Comment by Rozlyn Zuber: Good effort. This section should fully demonstrate efforts to develop an outline of how the outcomes will be achieved. List any specific barriers that will need to be assessed and eliminated. Make sure to mention any assumptions or limitations which may need to be addressed. Please support your writings with scholarly sources. Keep up the good effort.

Outcome Impact

One of the greatest targeted impact outcomes of this initiative is quality care improvement as this technology is highly designed to provide efficient and admirable nursing care that is above the current standards (Melnyk, 2011). Secondly this technology is free of patient biasness hence resulting to treating all with one common agenda of providing them with quality nursing. , Tthirdly, human services at times are subjective and unreliable thus this will effectively eliminate the room for aged negligence. In In a nutshell there, there will a paradigm shift resulting to increased professional expertise involvement resulting to better nursing services to the patients. Comment by Rozlyn Zuber: Great description of outcome impact as it enhances quality care improvement

References Comment by Rozlyn Zuber: Good effort. Please note that graduate level writing requires at least three scholarly sources to support your writing. This prevents the writer from relying upon one scholarly source.

Melnyk, B. (2011). Evidence-based Practice in Nursing & Healthcare. Retrieved from

Narrative Summary

Hi Good effort and strong finish for Week 4! I can tell you enjoyed your assignment. You provided valuable and significant information. I left comments along the right side of the paper. You have some APA formatting updates. There is a template and APA writing tips for writing papers posted in Add-Ons under Resources, as well as the Student Success Center. These additional resources can help you with APA writing and formatting.

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