Social Entrepreneurship Paper – 20 pts.

Social Entrepreneurship Paper – 20 pts.

First read about Social Entrepreneurship at the PBS website here. You can learn about historical figures who were social entrepreneurs like President Teddy Roosevelt, Susan B. Anthony, Maria Montessori, and Florence Nightingale.

Now consider what a social entrepreneur is and how it relates to our work in Human Services. How could we create a social entrepreneurship? What service would you provide? Explain why and how it would be better as a social entrepreneurship than as a private-for-profit or private non-profit organization. You can also use the Ashoka website to get some more ideas and examples. How does the idea of a Social Entrepreneurship that works to solve a human problem relate to the Saint Leo core value of Excellence? Use of the websites, textbooks as references, and 2 outside scholarly resources required.

APA referencing and Turn-it-in required.

Due on Monday 6/18/2018 @ 9am.

3 pages

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