Staffing the HR Department

Staffing the HR Department



Staffing the HR Department

Delores Blango

Dr. Thomas Hennefer

HRM-599 Capstone

May 19, 2018


Victory Limited is a company that offers Information Technology solutions to its clients. Over the years, the company has been a role model in the industry which had translated into sales and profitability. However, as the company seeks to expand its horizon, the labor force is incompetently characterized by inefficiency. This occurrence is associated with the weak Human Resource Department in the company. In this research, the focus is on how the Human Resource Department in the company can be improved to ensure the realization of the company’s objective of creativity, innovation, and transformation. As an attempt to achieve a competent human resource department, this study outlines critical Human Resource duties which should be pursued to realize the aspirations of the company. Moreover, there is the development of an elaborate job description to ensure highly competent individuals are selected for the Human Resource positions. Similarly, the research provides a recommendation on the recruitment and selection techniques which should be deployed to ensure the acquisition of highly competent individuals in the company. As the study comes to an end,  a benefits package is formulated. The basis for the selection of a benefits package is that it will promote the return of investment in the company.

Human Resource Functions

The Human Resource department is the heart of the company which ensures all business operations are undertaken productively and effectively. As discussed above, Victory Limited has an undermined Human Resource Department which adversely affects the efficacy of the company. As the company seeks to achieve the growth trajectory aspired in the company, there is the need for the incorporation of essential HR functions in the Human Resource Department as discussed below:

The first critical function which should be integrated is the recruitment and selection duties. Recruitment is an essential aspect of a company as it ensures that highly competent individuals are selected to contribute to the realization of business objectives (Ryan, 2016). By incorporating the recruitment process at Victory Limited, the company can attract an array of vital knowledge and skills necessary for the company to grow and scale to greater heights. Additionally, the integration of the selection process in the company allows the accurate validation of applicants which translates to the selection of capable employees in the company (Gavrel, 2015). In the long term, this strategy enhances business productivity, creativity, and innovation which foster the cornerstones of the company.

Training is another Human Resource duty which should be integrated into the Human Resource Department of Victory Limited. Training is the systematic approach to informing new employees of their duties, responsibilities and the code of ethics (Hopp, 2014). Currently, training is not an aspect of the Human Resource Department. The lack of training leads to a significant amount of time on the orientation process. This phenomenon is hazardous in the company as output is lower than input in the company which threatens business sustainability. Therefore, it is essential for training to be instituted to ensure more production from new employees in the company.

Lastly, performance evaluation is a critical aspect which should be incorporated into the company’s Human Resource Department. Performance management is a vital enlightening tool at Victory Limited. In performance evaluation, employees are assigned objectives which reflect the aspiration of the company. If each employee can achieve their set goals, there is a high probability of business success in the enterprise. It is from this realization, that performance evaluation is a critical element of the Human Resource Department. Additionally, performance evaluation acts as an indicator of the company. In instances of deviation, performance assessment allows for remedial actions to be undertaken which contribute to the realization of the aspirations of the company (Wiskemann, 2016).

Decisively, as discussed above, performance assessment, recruitment, and training are essential responsibilities in the HR department which will contribute to the realization of the aspirations of Victory Limited

Job Description

As discussed in the earlier section, performance evaluation is an essential aspect of the company which will ensure productivity and expansion of the company to new territories. Therefore, among the critical recruits in the company include the performance analyst. The following is a job description for the performance analyst position at Victory Limited:

Job Description Form- Victory Limited


Performance Analyst


A performance analyst is an essential team member in the structure of a company. The utilization of analytical skills allows the performance analyst to provide critical information concerning the performance level of different employees in the company. Also, the performance analyst offers insightful recommendations of what should be implemented to enhance the performance level in the company.


· Develop an elaborate strategy to evaluate the performance of employees in the company.

· Perform interviews with employees to determine their performance level.

· Process the collected data to present a specific status of the performance level in the enterprise.

· Outline critical factors which contribute to poor performance in the company.

· Provide recommendations on what strategies to implement to improve and engage the performance of employees in the company.


Formal Education

· A Masters Degrees in Human Resource Management from a known facility.

· A performance evaluation certificate from the Society of Human Resource Management (SHRM).

Knowledge and Experience

· A minimum of four years of experience working as a performance analyst.

· Two-Year working experience as working in a known organization in the Human Resource departments.

· At least two referrals from well-known companies.

Recruitment and Selection Technique

The efficacy of the research and selection process in a company is dependent on the techniques utilized. In the recruitment process, the Human Resource Information System (HRIS) would be a useful tool. As the world continues with digital advancement, there is a need for business to adapt to safeguard profitability and business success. The HRIS can contribute to the efficacy of the recruitment process as it can attract a broad group of applicants on the internet. Moreover, through HRIS, it is possible for the company to reduce the cost associated with the printing of application forms thus reducing the operational cost in the company (Motwani, 2015). Similarly, HRIS saves on time used in the evaluation of applicants as a criterion can be developed which ensures only competent applicants are selected in the company. Lastly, the HRIS promotes robustness in the recruitment process as applicants get timely feedback concerning their applications to the company.

In the selection process in the company, a panel of interviewers should be used as the selection technique. A committee is a group of individuals in the company equipped with various skills and knowledge. By employing a panel, the vetting of applicants is comprehensive as it ensures all aspects concerning Human Resource Management are considered. This allows the hiring of competent individuals in the company who contribute to efficiency and the realization of the objectives of the company.

Compensation Package

As discussed above, there is need to recruit a highly competent team to ensure that the aspirations of the company are realized. In the creation of the compensation package, smart objectives should be used to provide a comprehensive compensation package (Beck-Krala, 2013). Firstly, the compensation package should be objective in the sense that it contributes to the realization of business objectives. Also, the compensation package should be formulated after-market evaluation. Market assessment will lead to an attractive compensation package which also averts adverse financial consequences in the company. Similarly, the compensation package should act as an incentive to effort. Therefore, bonuses in the compensation plan will ensure that there is a high retainment of competent staff in the organization. From the above consideration during the formulation of the compensation package, the rate of investment at Victory Limited will be high. Notably, the company will benefit from the skills acquired from competent staff. Also, as the effort is rewarded, the strategy will act as a motivation in the company thus promoting business productivity. Lastly, the thorough analysis of the compensation package ensures its sustainability thus safeguarding the welfare of the company and its aspirations.


Human Resource Management is an essential aspect which contributes to the realization of business objectives and aspirations. However, far too often, many companies have ineffective Human Resource Departments which lead to business inefficiency. For a company to be successful, it needs to ensure that the Human Resource Department has essential functions such as recruitment, training and performance evaluation. The emphasis on the aforementioned aspects will ensure an effective HR department thus contributing to the overall success of the company.


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