The Tool of Win-Win Negotiations

The Tool of Win-Win Negotiations

My tool is knowing the art of the win-win approach to a negotiation. What a win-win is, is a solution that works well with both party’s interests. Both parties walk away from the negotiation feeling happy with the deal. The reason this approach is such a great skill is because you learn to listen to the other party and see things from their prospective. This helps for you to keep an open mind while in the negotiation. This skill will help improve sales tremendously.

Key Points of this Tool:

· It separates people from the current problem at hand

· It focuses mainly on interests, not the positions

· You come up with better options for mutual gain

· It opens the objective criteria

· It helps you know the best alternative to a negotiation agreement (BATNA)

By having a win-win it helps to get rid of having a loser in the negotiation. This tool will increase your credibility with other firms in creating a good environment for business. It will help create the best ongoing relationships with the people you are in business with. Win-win is a civil way to negotiate. As I said before, this skill will help improve your capitalization on closing any deal.


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