Training Project Guidelines (100 Points) ACED 4050 Workforce Development & Management

Training Project Guidelines (100 Points) ACED 4050 Workforce Development & Management

Each student will develop a semester project based on training theory and practice that has been discussed in this course

and researched for this project.

The complete project will be submitted as an APA Style paper. The project will consist of two major parts that will be presented in one document:

1. Needs Analysis

2. Training Proposal


1. Needs Analysis: To determine a company’s needs for workplace training.

Directions: Perform a needs analysis for an organization of your choosing to determine the company’s needs for workplace training and report your results in paragraph form in your own words. Interview a human resource director or other manager in the company (a) to find out what training is already being done, and (b) to determine what gaps in training exist. Do NOT list the interview questions and answers in your report, but DO include a transcript of the

questions as Appendix 1 of your paper. Be sure to ask AT LEAST the following:

 The company’s existing training development approach

 A gap that exists in training that needs to be addressed

 Target audience of this new training (new staff or existing staff)

 Other questions that will help you complete the SIX PARTS of the Training Proposal (see below)

2. Training Proposal: To organize your strategies for meeting the company’s training needs identified in the Needs Analysis.

Directions: Explain and justify your strategies to meet the company’s training needs , especially the gaps in training you

identified in the Needs Analysis. Include the following sections with your ORIGINAL ideas and appropriate parenthetical citations to give credit to your sources. You will have SIX LEVEL 2 HEADINGS in this section. Write AT LEAST one full paragraph for each of the following subtopics in your Training Proposal section:

1. Objectives: What trainees will be expected to learn

2. Training Methods: How the training will be carried out (workshop, lecture, computer-based training, hands-on activities, etc.).

a. REQUIRED: Provide evidence from the literature that supports your choice of methods, citing your

sources in APA style. b. REQUIRED: Use the textbook and at least ONE OTHER source for this l iterature review.

3. Materials: What materials will be used (textbooks, PowerPoint presentations, videos, handouts, etc.) 4. Logistics: Where the training will take place including seating capacity, type of seating, equipment needs, etc.

5. Evaluation: How trainee performance will be evaluated 6. Schedule: How long the training will take, and how the instruction will be arranged during that timeframe

Paper Guidelines

 Your paper will be evaluated based on the Training Project Rubric (Assessments/Rubrics/Preview).

 Required Parts of the Paper: Title Page, introduction, Needs Analysis, Training Proposal, Conclusion, Reference

Page, Appendix  Required: Use APA style Level 1 and 2 headings for each section and subsection of the paper:  Refer to an APA manual or OWL Purdue for the format of the title page, body of the paper, reference page, and


 Refer to an APA manual or OWL Purdue for citing the sources within the body of the paper.

 See the examples of actual student papers provided in the course.

 After you submit your paper in the Assignment dropbox, use the Turnitin Originality Report that will appear there

to check for plagiarism. You may resubmit your paper as many times as necessary before the deadline, and only the final version will be graded.


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