Ashlynn Brown

Saint Leo University


As a Non-Profit Organization the Zinc Agency and Medical Center will be of great import to the people of Savannah, Georgia as it will extend its hand to the social and economic wellbeing of the people. It will be operated as a Limited Liability Corporation (LLC) whereby the partners will be the friends and family friends to Michael Owens, Savannah. For a long time the less fortunate and marginalized persons have been left behind and neglected by the federal government as well as the state governments. It therefore took the societal analysis and assessment to internalize the absolute necessity and need for a facility and organization that will address the issues. The marginal line and gap that exists between the rich and the poor has been on the rise and has resulted into discrimination and isolation of the poor by the highly prioritized citizens. The NGO has been approved by the Savannah Catholic Church and the St Ambulance Movement hence will be financially and socially supported by the church and the movement.

The homeless mothers and their children, runaway youth, chronically unemployed and impoverished adults, drug and alcohol addicted teens, disabled children and adults, mentally ill people, and families who lack sufficient financial resources to meet their needs have been left behind in developmental and day to day activities in the community. Zinc Agency and Medical Center will be on the forefront to advocate for the change and heartily help these less fortunate. Its presence will open opportunities to the less fortunate since they will be able to work at the agency to effectively deliver the services. The agency is set to initiate supportive services through seminars to guide and counsel the single parents and widows with children and without, rehabilitation for the youths as well as provide medical services at an affordable price to the marginalized.

The community based facility will initiate the following programs:

1. Mentoring and rehabilitation for the youth.

2. Guidance and counseling to the divorced and deceased mothers.

3. Educating the youth on social immorality including drug and drug abuse, theft, early marriages, fornication, homosexuality, pornography etc.

4. Provide peer education to the youth young families through seminars and empowerment forums.

The Zinc Agency and Medical Center is a half breed of a company and an organization and is quickly turning into the most well-known structure for private companies because of its adaptability and its minimal effort to make and keep up, while yet offering a large portion of the benefits of a partnership. The proprietorship rates, benefit and misfortune conveyances, and voting forces of every part are dictated by the LLC Articles of Organization, as opposed to by stock possession. A LLC can be classified as an association or Subchapter S-Corporation with benefits and misfortunes moving through to the proprietors’ government forms, or saddled as a C Corporation, recording its own arrival. The proprietors and any officers and executives are shielded from the liabilities of the organization, as in a company. A LLC is for the most part subject to establishment assess, however this shifts from state to state. It will offer an extraordinary way to deal with social insurance; incorporating doctors, healing centers, administrations and protection in one place. That implies all people and their families approach the social insurance they require and the wellbeing programs they need.


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