2 Replies Required

2 Replies Required

Replies 1 :

Scope: The business project I was involved in is building a web application for my client that would provide restricted access to the authorized people. This E-commerce website provides access to the company’s products and services.

Deliverables: To deliver a user-friendly and fancy application that meets the criteria with the company’s standards. The web application included three forms one for signing up new users which included personal information for sign up. The second page consisted of the login page and the third page contained the content that elaborates more on the client’s products and services description. Building a database that would store all the data from the users.

Organizational Strategy: The organizational strategy associated with this web application is to provide easier access to the content for higher sales and profits. Since it was a manufacturing company, they had their own raw material and made their own spare parts to start with. This strategy helped them to save a lot of time and money.

Complexity: The complexity of the project was mainly on these following aspects: Deadlines, compatibility, User Acceptance.

Result:  The project was launched with some defects which were to be supported with some enhancements after the release.

The constraints that I have experienced are the following:

· There was no proper requirement design, so we had to constantly change the design and functionality to test in which way it would be the better which consumed a lot of time.

· We followed a waterfall methodology which is an old traditional way to project management so faced challenges for the project execution. It was challenging yet we decided to seize the design after few experiences.

· After the project was halfway we had more requirements pouring in which lead to managing the budget for the resources.

· Since it was a fast-paced project communicating the changes with all the team members became difficult due to which there were conflicts with the requirement. Later, we had a separate meeting just to resolve these conflicts and to identify which is higher priority.

· Changes that I would recommend:

· I would follow an agile methodology so that we would finish the project as parts so that each minute details can be focused on.

· To consider a better deadline that would be feasible even if we run into any unexpected issues.

· To have the initial prototype and requirement design fixed as soon as it is released so that the estimate is accurate.

Replies 2:


Makes a translation of business necessities into specific layout and moreover courses of action using described systems progression life cycle (SDLC) structure. Plans, makes and tests programming portions of an application using appropriate programming gadgets and lingos, and holds quick to design overviews, code reviews, association records and fitting industry standard change systems. Make ETL mapping report from business requirements Drives the assurance of complex issues. Gives capacity to support the utilization of new complex applications and complex overhauls of existing applications Viably drives/mentors distinctive architects and offshore gathering coordination. Develops and keeps up documentation for coding standards and advancements used across finished IT Perform peer reviews to ensure adherence to checks. Passes on business information, specific information and upgrades to customers and staff in both verbal and formed casing; gives or orchestrates feedback to organization or possibly customers on each open issue.


Strong encounter coding complex SQL, Unix/Linux encounter – comprehensive of different orders and scripting. Ability to archive Tech Specs, Unit Test Plans/Results and take after a relocation procedure     Knowledge of information warehousing, operational frameworks, web application ideas, Knowledge of the product advancement lifecycle and organized programming improvement strategies Knowledge of information models and databases and Ability to work together with others, ready to get guidelines and give recommendations to determination.


The position is a hands-on senior designer. Hopeful must have critical ability in actualizing center Java applications and in addition multi-layered Informatica-style applications. Hopeful ought to be conversant in related advancements including Spring, databases, database interface layers, internet browser show advancements, web conventions and guidelines, and related Java improvement instruments. Competitor will be required to make an interpretation of useful necessities determinations into specialized plans and to code and test these outlines. Applicant will interface all the time with different groups including other inner IT groups, our BA group.


Email systems that are used for sending the offers, receipts, enrollments, subscriptions to the customers. This is also done with SQL and Unix and linux scripts for sending millions of emails to hundreds of customers for every hour using orkut.

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