Course Project Scenario Sheet 1

Course Project Scenario Sheet 1


The scenario described below will be used as a guide for various exercises and assignments throughout the rest of this course. Additional information will be provided, as required, during future units to help better define the situation and environment of the project. If questions arise or you have specific questions, do not hesitate to contact the professor. Remember, the project will take place throughout the course, so we will take steps to complete the project in each unit.


Massive Solutions International (MSI) is a global company providing information technology solutions to a wide customer base.


MSI’s current data center is located on the U.S. Gulf Coast, which is often plagued with catastrophic weather events. The company desires to implement a new state-of-the-art data center for its North American operations, capable of supporting strategic growth and expansion in an area with more stable weather patterns.

The Chief Information Officer (CIO) for MSI, Ms. Stephanie Jones, has been selected to lead this project. The Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Mr. Gerald O’Conner, would like to see the project completed within 18 months. The start date will be the first of next month. The company has allocated $6 million in funding and identified an 8,000 square foot facility in a weather-safe location. The corporate management team initially consists of people listed below (the project manager [PM] can add additional members as needed):



Mr. Gerald O’Connor





VP Ops Ms. Sandra Murray 888-555-4321
CFO Mr. Ira Moneybaggs 888-555-2314
CIO Ms. Stephanie Jones 888-555-1122
Chief IT Engineer Mr. Kenneth Bolts 888-555-2345
Network Engineer Ms. Paulita Espinoza 888-555-6578


Mr. Leroy Hawkins 888-555-8899
Applications Specialist Mr. Ibrahim Al-Sahiri 888-555-7465

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