Ethical Issue Matrix

Ethical Issue Matrix



Ethical Issue Matrix

University of Maryland University College

Quentin Tankersley

June 8, 2018

The ethical issue involves a problem or a particular situation that needs an individual or an organization as a whole to choose between some given set of alternatives as ethical or unethical. Today enterprise IT firms are greatly affected the ethical dilemmas and these dilemmas affect the way business is carried by the company. Many small business firms may face a lot of ethical problems since they have a small capital outlay and lacks the expertise to deal with ethical dilemmas in the utilization of technologies. One ethical dilemma that I have chosen in the IT firms in the software piracy because today, there has been increased cases of software piracy in many firms in the use of Information Technology (Spiekermann-Hoff, Korunovska, & Langheinrich, 2018). I have chosen the dilemma following increased concerns that are facing many IT firms today.

The three principals that I have chosen in order to provide guidelines for the software piracy ethical dilemma are universality respect for persons and lastly confidentiality. The main reason why I have chosen the three ethical principles is that I do feel that they emphasize more on what people should consider regarding the properties of others in the IT industry. The major stakeholders in the IT industry are the system developers, the organization as a whole, the users and also the customers (Miller & Blackler, 2017). All these stakeholders play a major role towards the success of the IT firms and the economy as a whole.

Ethical Matrix

Ethical issue: Software piracy
Stakeholders Universality Respect Confidentiality
1. Yourself You have the duty to take actions that hold for everyone or people involved. You ought to show respect to the properties of other people. You have the duty to respect and honor privacy of another person’s information and actions.
2.Other users Other users have the duty to take actions that hold for everyone or people involved Other users need to show respect to properties of others. The users have the duty to respect and honor the privacy of information and actions of others.
3.The government The government have to take actions on the people found of some actions that violates the law of intellectual property The government ought to show some respect to people’s properties The government should honor the privacy of citizens
4.The Customers The customers have the duty to take responsibility for actions The customers should show respect and honor the rights of others. The customers should respect the privacy of information and actions.


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