ICTICT511 Case Study Template

ICTICT511 Case Study Template

Use this template to structure your report for the case study assessment task

1. Introduction.

This should describe who prepared the report (i.e. members of your group), who the report is for, and what the report is about (briefly)

2. Fit with business strategy.

In this section, you should describe why a cloud-based solution is a good fit for XIT business strategy; and the advantages (list at least two) and disadvantages (list at least one) of cloud over an internal IT infrastructure in meeting the CEO’s goals

3. Evaluate the effects of the change.

Describe how supporting a cloud solution will be different for XIT IT staff compared to current organisational processes. You should also document the initial costing of the cloud based solution, based on the solution design proposed by the GCP technical architect (see proposed GCP Design in the case study description), so this can be forwarded to the IT Manager by the CEO to make the case for the cloud-based solution. (You should compare the costs of the cloud versus the inhouse solution). You should also highlight any other advantages/disadvantages of the cloud solution for the IT department.

4. Develop action plans.

Describe how you plan to implement the solution e.g. what are the phases and goals of the project, the timelines, and what checks will be applied to each phase for the approval of the CEO and the IT Manager. XIT has an organisational policy that requires each phase of a project have a distinct goal, so make sure each phase of your project has a clear goal that can be verified.

5. Monitoring resource usage and scaling up the solution.

After one month, the log file recording the average total number of users logged into the system for each week of the pilot project reads as shown below in figure 1 in the case study description. Describe what this means for the number of servers now needed, and recalculate the monthly cost for the cloud-based system (based on the extra application servers and network egress traffic charges now needed)

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