ITCO221 Fundamentals of Programming and Logic

ITCO221 Fundamentals of Programming and Logic

June 19, 2018

Unit-3 Individual Project

Design and code a C# console program that prompts users for ten numbers, ranging between 10 and 100. The program compares the number entered to the previous number. If it is a duplicate number, the user will be prompted to enter a different number, displaying the number to the screen as long as it is not a duplicate.

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Part 1 Problem Analysis

General computer Requirements

Required results

IPO Chart

number while moreNumbers

display “enter a number between 10 and 100”

input number

if number between 10 and 100

display “the number entered is:” + number


display “invalid number entered; let try again!”

end if



Pseudocode Algorithm

Part 2 C# Computer program Solution

Console Program C# Source Code

Test Program Print Screen Shots

Assignment Lessons Learned


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