Mediation Tasks At the mediation session, each student will be allocated a task as either

1) Representative from WeRunIt;

2) Representative from Condy Software; or

3) The Mediator.

As part of this group of three, they will be given two hours to try and resolve the IT outsourcing dispute.

Marks will be allocated for understanding and following the negotiation process which was discussed in lectures.

Students will need to write up a 500 word individual report which should be submitted electronically by Friday Week 12.

The Problem

WeRunIt is a private company run that markets and organises sporting events: distance runs, cycle races, swimming races and triathlons. Their skills are in marketing, financing and conducting races.

Since its inception, five years ago (in May 2010), they have had an in-house IT team to deal with IT tasks such as spreadsheets for financial projections, databases for recording entrants details and race results and a web site to publicise events, take entry fees and publish race results.

Because of the Global Financial Crisis and the increasing IT knowledge of its professionals, WeRunIt believes they can make significant savings by outsourcing the provision of IT services for WeRunIt. Currently WeRunIt spends $600,000 per annum on employing three IT specialists (including on-costs) and renting hardware and software.

WeRunIt approached Condy Software services with a view to discuss their computing needs. In particular, WeRunIt wants a contract where:

a) Condy creates and maintains a web-site advertising WeRunIt’s events and publishing results;

b) Participants can (and are encouraged to) enter and pay online

c) Condy maintains databases of entrants and their results in specific events

d) Condy provides support for keeping financial records

e) Other matters to be discussed

A Rough Guide to Time

– Evaluator introduction (5 mins) – Mediator introduction (10 mins) – Party statements (10 min each) – Discussions, Caucusing etc (up to 60 mins)

Assessment 5

After the class in week 11, the group will submit a report with the agreed upon terms and conditions of the arrangement. This will include costs, roles, responsibilities and compensation. This will be handed to the lecturer at the end of the class. This will be about 1- 2 pages

Assessment 6

They will also be asked to write a 500 word individual report discussing how the mediation was conducted, including its highlights and lowlights and the final outcome. Students are requested to comment on how their mediation followed negotiation principles.

The report should be submitted electronically by Friday, Week 12.

  • The Problem
  • A Rough Guide to Time
  • Assessment 5
  • Assessment 6

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