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BCO6672 – The IS Professional

Assessment 5 – Mediation

Submitted to: Submitted by:

Muneeb Ahmed Navjot Kaur Nijjer- s4598081

Akshay Kumar Gangyada –s4598453

Navpreet Dhillon – s4598439


To record, whether the parties can reach the agreement and the results is the main purpose of this mediation report, to sort out amongst WeRunIt and Condy Software.


1. WeRunIt

Name Title Role
Navjot Kaur Nijjer Director Chief Negotiator

2. Condy Software

Name Title Role
Akshay Kumar G IT Consultant Chief Negotiator

3. The Meditator

Name Title Role
Navpreet dhillon Mediator Mediator

Negotiation Outcome

The agreements done on the last arrangement is $500,000 for 3 years.

Terms & Conditions

· Deliverables:

· Website Created, publish the events and provide results.

· Its users can join the website and make transactions online.

· All the details must be disclosed to its users.

· Create other database.

· Prepare the rearranged client management archive.

· Cancellation:

· Condy software must be informed before two months of cancellation of the contract. Cancellation charges:

· 15% before first year, of whatever remains of the agreement.

· 10% after first year, of whatever remains of the agreement.

· Payment:

· Pay 10% of the first year during the day when the contract signed.

· Afterwards, payment to be made on annual basis.

· 1% of quarterly sum for each one week late instalment expense.

· Time and Duration:

· Begins on 10/06/2018

· The implementation will takes place in 20 days.

· Staff will be trained by accurate and required training module.

· Hardware breakage responsibility cannot be taken, with 24/7 maintenance support and all time customer service.

Difficulties and related issues

1. Condy software demands to provide the proper training to the staff which consists the easier training after the server installed. As all the company’s staff would be busy on providing training will affect the business of the company. Afterwards, both parties agreed for the training session of the staff by dividing several employees in different groups and that would be done during the work time of the company.

2. Finally, the cancellation is the other issue of both parties which was resolved later on 15% in the initial year and 10% afterwards. Before that, 20% of cancellation fee was demanded by Condy software for all 3 years.

IN WITNESS, it is clear that the company and the IT developer have mutually agreed to this agreement on different dates as being implemented.

Agency: WeRunIt

By: Navjot kaur Nijjer Dated: 10/06/2018

Supplier: Condy Software

By: Akshay Kumar Gangyada Dated: 10/06/2018


Meditator: Navpreet Dhillon Dated: 10/06/2018


Mediation – s4598081_s4598453_s4598439

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