operation security

operation security


1. Answer each question thoroughly.

2. Do not copy and paste information from the Internet, you will receive a zero for this assignment.

3. You may research information from the Internet and rewrite it in your own words (acceptable).

4. Do not copy another student work. The University of the has a strict policy relating to cheating. Think before you act!

5. Answer each question on a separate page.


1. For TWO of the seven domains of a typical IT infrastructure from your textbook, describe a policy you would write and implement (50 points)

a. What is the name of the domain?

b. What is the name of the policy to support the domain?

c. What is the purpose of the policy?

d. How will this policy help the organization?

2.What does separation of duties mean and provide an example? [Make sure you provide an example]. 25 pts.

3. Why is it important to educate users about the risks, threats, and vulnerabilities found on theInternet? 25 pts.

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