SAP Case Study

SAP Case Study

In this assignment you are to work through the cash to cash business cycle and processes using


Specific instructions for the assignment are in the Sales Case Study (document: SD Case

Study.pdf) and Materials Management Case Study (document: MM Case Study.pdf). Read

those documents and complete the steps outlines therein.

Before starting the case study – (after successfully logging in to SAP), set your environment to

display your USER ID in the status area. The screen below will help you make that setting.

You will be required to capture screen shots to document your progress and completion of the

case study. Your USER-ID must be in view on those screen shots. Copy and paste the screen

shots into a Word Document – identifying the Case Study and step being captured. Organize

those screen shots and ensure that the data is easily read.

Put your name and your assigned GBI UserID (GBI-###) at the top of the Word document, insert

your screen shots and submit it to Blackboard.

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