Subnetting Question

Subnetting Question

You work in an international IT company which is named ABC. As a network administrator you need to chop the whole network into a number of subnets. Given the network address and the number of subnets needed:

Number of subnets needed: 37

Network address: / 24


(a) Number of bits borrowed: _______________

(b) Total number of subnets available: _______________

(c) Total number of hosts/subnet: __________________

(d) Total number of usable hosts/ subnet: ________________

(e) Write down the first three subnet address with slash notation.

Subnet Network Address First Host IP Last Host IP Broadcast address
(Marks: 8.0)

(f) A user in Subnet 1 was trying to ping a user in Subnet 2 and the ping reply comes with the message “Destination Host Unreachable”. Explain what action you should take in order to solve the problem.

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