When thinking of the term “workplace social media” people likely will mention Facebook or Snapchat

When thinking of the term “workplace social media” people likely will mention Facebook or Snapchat

When thinking of the term “workplace social media” people likely will mention Facebook or Snapchat.  But those who select and purchase workplace social software will likely think of specialized products including Jive, Microsoft Yammer and Salesforce Chatter.  They are advertised better to meet sales, marketing and customer services business goals.

Pretend you were the CEO of a mid-sized company.  Would you sign-off on the purchase of a workplace social media product?

To start our talk, see https://comparisons.financesonline.com/yammer-vs-jive

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If I were the CEO of a mid-sized company, I would sign off on purchasing a workplace social media product. I would like for the product to connect with existing systems that are in place within the organization. I would lean toward Salesforce Chatter because of the expanded options and the direct connection with Salesforce.com. With any additional software purchase, integration is a key factor. Having integration typically will reduce work effort and can be enhanced by automation.

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If I were the CEO of a mid-size company, I would opt for workplace social media, based on the relatively low cost. For example, Yammer is $3 per user per month https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/microsoft-365/blog/2012/11/12/introducing-new-yammer-pricing-plans-direct-from-sharepoint-conference-spc12/

I would, however, take a personal interest as the CEO in overseeing the tools and functions made available to employees, and how those got implemented. Otherwise, what could be a useful collaboration tool at work could become a big time-waster, like most casual social media is in my opinion. I would want to make sure it doesn’t become a platform to chat and waste time.

I personally don’t hardly use casual social media like facebook, but I do use professional social media (LinkedIn) and definitely see the value of that from a professional standpoint. The reason I see professional social media as being helpful is because it enables collaboration among workplace acquaintances.

I also think that casual social media like facebook encourages collaboration and connection among acquaintances. But that’s precisely the reason I think its a big time waster. With my close friends, I either call them on the phone or visit in person. I don’t see a lot of value in keeping in touch with 1,000 “friends” that are really just acquaintances.

But you don’t have to be a close friend with someone at work in order to work productively together, and that is why workplace social media can be different.

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At some points, every individual will use work social media for some personal chat and I feel that there is nothing wrong with that. Like any Internet related communication, one should assume that somebody can see it and use that for discretion. There has been vulgar and profanity laced conversation in these chats, but nothing can prevent that other than personal responsibility. There is compliance training every year to remind us to be responsible and simply one should use their best judgement.

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