Database Creation – With Microsoft Access

Database Creation – With Microsoft Access

40 Points

Shelly owns an auto repair shop and would like a database that would help track her customers and their repairs.

 It should be able to keep track of the customers’ first and last names along with their street address, city, state, ZIP code, and main phone number.

 In addition, the database should track all of the customers’ cars along with the make, model, and year.

 Each repair should be tracked along with the repair type (tire rotation, oil change, etc.), hours worked, and total cost.

 Employees that worked on these repairs should also be recorded with their first and last names and their date of hire.

 You will have a separate table to keep track of the different repair types for purposes of standardization.

Create a new database (named yourLastName_AutoRepair.accdb) for this assignment. Then create the tables and relationships depicted above. Populate the tables by entering enough sample data to demonstrate the functionality of your database. At the minimum, have at least

 5 customers,

 8 cars (some customers have 2 or more cars),

 18 repairs (some vehicles have more than one repair),

 5 repair types,

 and 4 employees who work on the cars.

Figure 1: Access Relationship Window

BUAD 2020 – Assignment #4

Database Creation – With Microsoft Access

40 Points

Figure 1 above is an incomplete picture of the Relationship Window in Access and should be used as a reference to ensure that you can replicate the relationships and have the same tables. You MUST add more attributes for each of the tables according to the narrative description above.

To ensure that your relationships work, when designing your tables, use the AutoNumber datatype for all of the primary keys and select Number type for the foreign keys. For example, in table Car, CarID (Primary Key) should be an AutoNumber while CustomerID (foreign key) should be Number type. All other datatypes should be appropriate for each of the attributes based upon the type of data to be entered.

Project Deliverables:

Submit the Access database to Blackboard.

I would like to remind you that this homework assignment must be completed and submitted individually and that no late work is accepted.

BUAD 2020 – Assignment #4

Database Creation – With Microsoft Access

40 Points

Grading Rubric for Assignment #4:

Points Earned

Category Description/Requirements

______(10) Table Creation Demonstrate the correct creation of tables. All tables must be created with the proper names

______(12) Proper Attributes All attributes must be represented and must be of the proper data types.

______(6) Correct Relationships

All the tables must have the proper relationships. Relationships must match the ERD at the top of the assignment.

______(12) Tables Populated Every table must be populated with each field completed. Must have the minimum number of records.

______(-5) Proper Submission

Submit the electronic copy of your Access database to the Blackboard Assignment Course Link with the correct naming convention.


Total Points Earned

Attention: No late work accepted.

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