Portfolio Due date: 11:50 pm AEST, Friday of week 12 Portfolio

Portfolio Due date: 11:50 pm AEST, Friday of week 12 Portfolio

Weighting: 20%

1 Length: Less than 50 MB Objectives This assessment item relates to the course learning outcomes numbers 2, 3 and 5 as stated in the online course profile.


You are to submit a weekly portfolio submission, using Mahara, for weeks 2 to 11 inclusive. To access Mahara, click the “CQU Portfolio” link in the Network Services block on the left- hand side of the Moodle site. The weekly portfolios will describe your understanding of the topic for the week, with relevant references and resources providing evidence of your understanding.

You are to conduct a search of the internet on the topic for the week. You should review the items you find and select a minimum of 5 items and link them to your portfolio. You are not to upload files from the internet, as you do not own copyright, and if you do, this will be plagiarism. You are to use links to your items only. You may include items from YouTube, clips from lectures and/or tutorials, and your own work that you produce in the tutorials. Your portfolio should capture rich ideas, resources and innovative practice around mobile app development within the frame of the weekly topics.

You are to write a brief discussion for each week as to why you chose the items you did, and why you thought the items chosen are appropriate. Harvard referencing format and citations are to be used to substantiate your discussion.

Assessment Criteria Each portfolio submission will be assessed against the following criteria:

Criteria Marks/week

Summary of weekly topic 0.5

Resource descriptions 0.75

Number and justification/quality of resources



Total 2

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