Research on the Methods of Logistics Systems Planning in Distribution Center

Research on the Methods of Logistics Systems Planning in Distribution Center

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Keywords: Logistics Systems, Planning Methods, Distribution Center.

Abstract. The internal logistics system planning in distribution center includes: processes planning;

functional area layout planning; facilities and equipment selection configuration; cargo storage

planning. In recent years, China has the unprecedented scale of logistics park construction. In order

to build a scientific and rational logistics infrastructure, it has a very practical value to research the

theory and method of internal logistics system planning in distribution center. From the point of

reality, this paper studies the processes planning, functional area layout planning, facilities and

equipment selection configuration and cargo storage planning. Using the planning methods and

models presented in this paper we can design processes, quantitatively plan facilities in distribution,

improve operational efficiency and reduce operating costs in distribution center.


With the rapid development of economy, the logistics industry has become a pillar industry of

the national economy, playing an increasingly important role in the socio-economic development.

Healthy and orderly development and management of the logistics industry in increasing levels of

society have saved a lot of resources, reducing the cost of commodity circulation. “Logistics is the

third profit source” point of view has been accepted. As one of the most complex network nodes in

the logistics system, distribution center plays an important role in reducing logistics costs. Given

the important role of logistics distribution center in the system, further research and distribution

center logistics system planning methods to achieve a reasonable distribution center layout,

distribution center operations to improve efficiency and reduce logistics costs, logistics and truly

become “the third profit source” has important theoretical and practical significance [1].

The Concept of Distribution Center

Distribution center is an organization and logistics facilities which received many varieties,

large quantities of goods from the hands of supplier, after the necessary storage and custody, and

then picking, distribution processing, packing, sorting and group information processing and other

operations according to the order requirements of the customer and in the provisions of time the

goods should be delivered to the designated place. Distribution center solves the contradiction

between large quantities of small quantities of specialized production and the diverse needs of users,

is a product of modern logistics development.

The Contents of Distribution Center Planning

The main distribution center is the first organization of business based on customer demand

supply ordering, and then stored custody, picking, distribution processing, packing, sorting, picking

and delivery group. Therefore, the distribution center is to achieve a high level of merchandising

and supply services, modern logistics facilities. Planning and construction of the distribution center

is a complex systems engineering, logistics should be planned from the system planning, operations

management and information systems planning three aspects [2]. The specific planning contents are

as shown in Figure 1.

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Fig. 1 The planning of distribution center

Logistics system planning is a planning involving goods circulation. Specifically included.

(1)The processes planning. Distribution center operations carried out according to their own

planning processes, develop scientific and rational processes, improve operational efficiency and

distribution centers. Distribution center processes are the basis for the other layout, especially the

impact on the layout of the functional areas of maximum.

(2)The functional area layout planning. Distribution centers need to determine the functional

areas based on business and job constitutes, according to the job in order workflow layout various

functional areas of science, in order to reduce logistics and transportation distances, reduce logistics

costs and improve operational efficiency.

(3)The machinery equipment configuration. According categories, processes and the degree of

mechanization goods distribution center operated, first select the right type of machinery and

equipment, and then calculate the amount of equipment has a reasonable basis for the amount of

work and mechanical equipment parameters.

(4)The cargo storage planning. General distribution center stocks a large variety, high turnover

rate, reasonable storage of goods distribution center operating efficiency greatly. Therefore, we

should be scientific planning for cargo storage and improve operational efficiency.

The Design Methods of Distribution Center Workflow

Processes is the procedure followed when performed an operation. Distribution center

processes is the operation of the distribution center operations in the order determined by a variety

of operating activities[3]. For the characteristics of the distribution center processes, we use the

modular design approach to design the distribution center workflow. Specific design is shown in

Fig. 2.

Fig. 2 The module design of distribution center operaion process

(1)Basic conditions analysis. Analysis the conditions related to distribution center

infrastructure, in order to fully take into account the limitations of the basic conditions for the


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(2)Processes data collection. Master the customer needs of distribution center to determine the

types of goods and operations possible content distribution processing, in order to determine the

necessary steps.

(3)Processes.functional partitioning. Processes carried out in accordance with customer

requirements and functional partitioning processes needed to achieve these demands, in order to

determine the processes function modules.

(4)Workflow module.functional analysis. Modules for the proposed formation of functional

analysis process, to see whether it can meet customers’ needs, be adjusted according to actual

situation, until the requirements.

(5)Establish a workflow module. Meet customer needs for functional modules for confirmation,

setting up input and output interfaces.

(6)Module combination. For the establishment of an appropriate combination of functional

modules, arrange the interface design features to achieve docking.

(7)Forming processes. Modules combine to form a distribution center processes [4].

Distribution Centers Ribbon Layout Planning Methods

Ribbon is the area venues to achieve a particular function. Distribution center is a lot of work

area and it is established in order to achieve logistics and distribution operations. Distribution center

ribbon layout is based on certain principles to determine the relative position of functional areas in

distribution centers, in co-operation with the respective functional areas, to achieve fast and

efficient delivery service.

There are a lot of distribution centers ribbon layout methods and in which the system layout

design (SLP) method is being used more often in recent years.The SLP method has made the plant

layout design developed from qualitative analysis to quantitative calculation, also contributed to the

Facilities Planning widely used in various production and service areas, including distribution

centers, including. SLP method to the product (P), quantity (Q), path (R), ancillary services (S),

time (T) as the basic operational data, analysis and graphical models graphically amount of

introducing the concept of the whole process of design analysis, by introducing the concept to

quantify the relationship between security classification, to build relationships with non-logistics

logistics charts the relationship between the various functional areas, which constitute the

mathematical model area layout design is the main method of layout design. SLP method layout

process is shown in Fig. 3.

Fig. 3 The prodedure map of SLP model

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Distribution Center Equipment Selection and Configuration Methods

Machinery equipment is also known as logistics technology equipment. It is the general term

for logistics machinery and apparatus in all aspects of logistics activities in use. Distribution centers

to achieve fast and accurate distribution operations to meet customer needs, with the right choice of

machinery and equipment is necessary. AHP can be used in distribution center equipment selection.

AHP (The analytic hierarchy process) is a combination of qualitative and quantitative,

systematic, hierarchical methods for analyzing. Since AHP practicality and effectiveness in dealing

with complex decision problems to a wider range of applications [5].

Cargo Storage Planning Methods

Distribution centers usually purchase in large quantities and variety of goods, after a short

storage necessary it needs processing operations according to customer orders, and then the goods

reach the customer designated locations. The feature of distribution center storage area is to store

variety, volume. The problem caused by the characteristics is the large demand for storage area and

it is difficult to manage. Distribution center storage area for cargo storage plan will improve the

way the efficiency of warehouse operations and storage area utilization, improve customer service

quality. Cargo storage and distribution center planning include: storage area inside the regional

distribution, storage layout, cargo management planning.


(1)Through in-depth study of the theory and methods in distribution center logistics system

planning, we formed a relatively systematic planning theories and methods in processes planning,

functional area layout planning, machinery equipment configuration and cargo storage plan. And

we provide a theoretical basis for the future distribution center logistics system planning

(2)Logistics is a booming new industry in society and logistics industry will be sustained and

get a much more rapid development driven by the rapid economic development, providing a

guarantee for economic development and became the” third profit source “of national economy.


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