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Activity 4 Template

Alternative Solution Responsiveness to Requirements Feasibility (Capable of Being Successful) Enterprise Architecture Risks and Constraints Affordability New Opportunities Rank Order
Altern. #1 Carry out regular check-ins to the employees and customers Can meet all requirements Feasible It will depend on the level of freeness of the employees and, if the customers will be in a position to respond after leaving the restaurant It will call for the employees to be free with the employer before it becomes easily implemented. Highly affordable The employer might easily learn on the strengths and weaknesses of all the employees and make proper reshuffling of employees. 3
Altern. #2 Offering of staff meals Can meet all requirements Feasible Supports; no conflict The employees will have to be encouraged to be free in such meetings. However, there is a risk of enmity rising between rivalry parties. Relatively expensive depending with the kind of meals that is to be offered to the staff and the venue for such a meeting Employees will get to understand each other more and know the rationales behind the working trait of each employee. 1
Altern. #3 Encouraging group chats May face a bit of reluctancy in meeting all the requirements Feasible It will depend on the kind of phone that each person will have and if they will desire joining the group. Employees might resist citing being busy with family issues back in their homes. Affordable No new opportunities offered 5
Altern. #4 Encouraging the embracing of CSR technology Potentially could meet all the requirements Not feasible for all the departments in the restaurants. The CSR will work best depending with the level of finances It might call for lots of finances which may affect the stability of the restaurant if fast pick up will not be embraced. Costly depending with the departments that will need the devices for the proper functioning. The maintenance of the same would also call for more spending. An opportunity would be realized for more customers, employees and subscribers to the restaurant 4
Altern. #5

Carry out an immediate fixing of problems

Can meet all the requirements Feasible Supports; no conflict Solutions to some problems might be costly hence, they will not be immediately fixed. The initial cost of solving problems would be high as they might have piled. However, with time, they will be easily handled as there would be no piling of problems. No new opportunities beyond the achieved objective

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