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Project Charter

Project Title: Massive Solutions International (MSI) DATA CENTER EXPANSION

Contact Information

Position Title/Name/Organization Phone E-mail
CEO Mr. Gerald O’Connor 888-555-1234 GO’
VP Ops Ms. Sandra Murray 888-555-4321
CFO Mr. Ira Moneybags 888-555-2314
CIO Ms. Stephanie Jones 888-555-1122
Chief IT Engineer Mr. Kenneth Bolts 888-555-2345
Network Engineer Ms. Paulita Espinoza 888-555-6578
Software Engineer Mr. Leroy Hawkins 888-555-8899
Applications Specialist Mr. Ibrahim Al-Sahiri 888-555-7465

Project Overview

Massive Solutions International (MSI) is a global company providing information technology solutions to a wide customer base. MSI’s current data center is located on the U.S. Gulf Coast, which is often plagued with catastrophic weather events. The company desires to implement a new state-of-the-art data center for its North American operations, capable of supporting strategic growth and expansion in an area with more stable weather patterns.

Business Problem

The data center should be equipped with backup and recovery which is important on the restoration of data in cases on accidental deletion or failure. Unified computing should be ensured because it integrates visualization and computing hardware. There should be flashes that are solid that have fast performance and low latency. Hyper-converged system should be installed so as to integrate servers, network, visualization functions and storage into one module which is easy to manage, cheap and secure.

Project Objectives

As soon as the Datacenter is transferred and installed in North America, it is expected to expand in terms of its operation due to friendly weather condition which favors its daily activities. The Welcoming weather house large population to mean the company is going to receive more customers as compared to the previous location which was affected by unfavorable weather conditions.

Project Scope (Product Description, Acceptance Criteria, Deliverables, Exclusions, Constraints, and Assumptions)

The project involves a transfer of a data center from bad weather region to a strategic location so as to enable its expansion. A data center is a room meant to facilitate IT operations and equipment where data is stored, managed and disseminated.

The data center will have a system which has various levels of privileges. Unauthorized people will not access the system also to allow integrity and confidentiality of data.

The deliverables in the data center will include strategic growth and expansion in place with stable weather patterns.

It will be absent in bad weather conditions in the new location and therefore the available constraints will be competition which will be available in North America.

The assumptions will include training of new workers, Availability of Local Area Network in the new place and no current available computers and IT tools.

Major Milestones/Critical Success Factors

Milestone Deadline
Initial planning 07/01/2018
Schedule 10/01/2018
Cost estimation 01/07/2019
Project planning 02/22/2019
Project implementation of data center 01/18/2020
Project Closeout 02/01/2020

Authorization (Executive Authorizing the Project)

The Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Mr. Gerald O’Conner, would like to see the project completed within 18 months hence his responsibilities will include overall provision of direction on the project, project plan and charter approval, project resources security, project objectives and goals confirmation, enhancing updating of project activities which are major, participating in major decisions on issues which are escalating and roadblock resolution assistance.

Project Manager (Authority and Responsibility)

The Chief Information Officer (CIO) for MSI, Ms. Stephanie Jones, has been selected to lead this project as project manager hence will be responsible for various managerial activities which will include plan development, deliverables identification, risk identification including development of risk management plan, give direction to team members, change management and scope resource, quality assurance, project plan documentation maintenance, forecast and report project status, resolving conflicts either within or between the team members, ensure the project achieve its objectives and allow communication of the project to stakeholders.

Roles and Responsibilities of Other Stakeholders

The stakeholders shall be responsible for the following activities; partnering with the project manager or the executive to develop the project charter, create partnership with the project manager in order to manage the project including work plan, training, timeline and documentation related procedures, team up with the project team in the process of approach identification which will be used with an inclusion of furnished deliverables at project completion, ensure provision of business clear objectives ,project deliverables sign-off and finally take ownership of the data center and process.

Organization Chart for the Project


Disaster Recovery Methodology

Backups and data recovery installation-Data center should be equipped with backups and data recovery tools which are essential in restoring lost data.

Universal power supply – universal power supply should be equipped to prevent data loss due to power loss in the data center.

Internet Service Provider Installation risk-Business-class service should be ensured and its installation is scheduled so as to occur during subcontractors installation. The fiber in advance should be installed as an alternative internet service provider for the data center to function well.

The system application requirement-all system requirement should be gathered and planned for the sake of the application. The application should interact and operate well.IT system should not be ordered before requirement validation in regard to all applications and system.

Resources and Funding

Resources Source Funding
Executive Support Massive Solutions International (MSI) $1,000,000
Project Team and Staff Massive Solutions International (MSI) $750,000
Facilities External $2,300,000
Equipment External $700,000
Software External $200,000
Materials External $1050,000

Authorization Signatures

Position/Title Signature Date
Responsible Executive Gerald O’Connor 7/01/2018
Project Manager Stephanie Jones 7/01/2018
Other Stakeholders as Needed Sandra Murray 7/01/2018


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