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2 June 2018

Description of the problem In broader perspective, efficient and effective communication is a vital aspect in any organization setting. Communication facilitates sharing of the information of within all the department in the organization. Also, help the management team supervise and sharing instructions to the employees precisely. However, in Platinum resorts communicate communication has been a challenge over years contributing to the poor performance of the organization. Therefore, an outstanding solution to mitigate the problem is required to be implemented. One of the major problem in the organization regarding to poor communication is responding to customers inquiries online as well responding to the emergency risks in the organization. The current response to the emergency has been taking time to communicate relevant security agencies and the same case when responding to the guest who need to book room online. Furthermore, such complex has been manifested in the organization when the management team supervisor and the manager need to pass fast information to the employees. Currently, the organization communication relies on by use of the emails and phone calls, where the strategies has not yield expected results in the organization. In the world moving digital and for the organization to remain relevant the increasingly competition int the market improvement of communication in the company is important. The failure of the company to adapt central reserving system technologic (CRS) and customer relation management system has fueled numerous issue in the organization. First, has raised the communication issues with customers due lack of providing guest with the relevant information concerning the resort services available. For instance, there has been challenge of communicating with the customer who want to book the room online, inconsistent leads the victors to migrate to other hotels provides quality services to the guest. By relying on the emails in sharing information to the gust and in the organization has led to accumulation of emails where others are left unanswered.
Business activities and the processes involved and the processes affecting The problem of communication affects almost all the processes of the organization since sharing of information is paramount in every department in the organization. The essential departments highly influenced include the front office, food, and beverage, housekeeping and catering department. Vital processes affected by insufficient communication involves booking of guest, checking in, checking out, room reservation, menu planning, payment methods and overall communication within the organization. The use of online booking has the ultimate role in increasing the performance of the organization by increasing the number of the guest in the organization due to quick response based on their inquiry. Also, Electronic communication has significant of promoting communication all the department and boosting communication in the for example when the manager is sending a memo to the employees or calling an immediate meeting. Use of the emails and phone calls has shown insufficient effort regarding the achievement of the objective of the organization.
Actual Performance (e.g., current Baseline) At the moment the organization can sever limited about 67 of the guest a day. This is below the average of the organization objective, especially in the pick seasons. The expected number of the guest is set to be 150 a given day. It is evidence; the other organization adopted new technology CRS in booking receive high number if the guest per day compared to the Platinum resort. Also, the communication of the department in the resort not effective. For instance, the food and beverage department are inter-twined, and communication between the two depends on one another. The delay in the communication irritate the customers. As a result it damages the reputation of the organization. Therefore, it is important the organization to pan the budget to improve the electronic communication by connecting the CRM to all department for effective coordination.
Target Performance The improvement of using and connecting electronic communication in all the department will ultimately increase the achievement of the objective of the organization. For instance, the number of the guest increase due to online booking and communication, this is because the guest can view the specific products are available in the resorts and asking the question regarding the services. Also, the process of sharing information dramatic increased in the organization in response to emergencies as well in the circulation of the memo. Overall the process profit increase as well the improving the customer’s experience in the organization through minimizing confusion relating to depends on the emails and phone calls
Performance Gap The performance gap observed in this aspect in the above-mentioned perspectives. For instance, the number of guests served in this perspective increased by more than half, since the services and communication enhanced. Also, the income increased by more than half. Therefore, this will see the overall organizational profits increase by more than half and facilitates better customer experience as compared to the past where the communication was based on the phone calls and email.
Organizational KPIs affected The following organization KPIs are influenced either indirectly or directly. Return on investment, sales revenue, online booking, checking and check out and customer return rate.
Principal Stakeholders The stakeholder’s input is important in the implementation of the project. The flowing personnel is a crucial chief executive officer of the organization, directors, traveler agents and chief advertiser. The human resources manager, security manager, food, and beverage manager and the overall the manager of the organization. The effort of each role of stakeholder has ultimately improved the performance of the organization
Tentative Solution Strategy Comprehensive research is important in research to determine the feasibility vital in the acquiring and implementing electronic communication in all department in the organization. Use of the central reservation system in the organization will ultimately improve the competitiveness of the organization as well increasing income.

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