1. Title of article, author and date (if not given, try to do a Google search for dates and if you cannot find it then that is fine)

2. What did you learn from this reading (100 words) Provide info that helps you to contextualize the reading in your own knowledge and understanding—after week 1, you WILL need to make connections with other course readings/cmns theory. This is not just an opinion piece.

3. Key quotes that would work for your game analysis OR final paper. (2 quotes). Describe your understanding of the quote and its connection to our discussions in class. The quotes will be accompanied by a 100 word analysis- not summary, but contextualization.

4. What question do you have? (1 question) This questions should be focused on a further comparison, evaluation and synthesis of material from other readings, course materials or class discussions.

5. Finally make connections—can be readings either academic or non-academic. This is a chance to tie the theory into the practice. Is there an industry example, game example, reading, documentary, etc. that expands on this idea. (100 words)

Marks will be awarded for the following:

· Completion of the tasks (biblio info, summary, key quote, questions)

· Thoughtfulness and integration of ideas from class

The reading link:

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