Earth and space labs

Earth and space labs

Air Pressure Lab

Air pressure (or atmospheric pressure) is the force exerted by a column of air above a point on the Earth’s surface.  Air pressure varies by elevation, with the highest air pressures exerted close to sea level and air pressure decreasing with increasing altitude.  Read the following Air Pressure Lab Supplement to learn more about air pressure, how it’s measured, and how air pressure is displayed on weather maps (The Station Model).

Air Pressure Lab Supplement


Google Earth

Open Google Earth and determine the elevations of each of the following cities.  You can navigate to the cities by typing their name and state into the search menu.  The city’s elevation will be displayed in feet (above mean sea level) in the bottom right corner of the Google Earth window.  Take note of each of the elevations, then order the cities by increasing average air pressure on the attached answer worksheet.  Number 1 on the worksheet should be the city with the lowest average air pressure and number 4 should be the city with the highest average air pressure.  Write the elevations of these cities in the space adjacent to each city name.


· Denver, Colorado

· Savannah, Georgia

· Indianapolis, Indiana

· Buffalo, New York


The Station Model

The Station Model is the system used by meteorologists to present data on weather maps.  You read about the station model in the Air Pressure Lab Supplement.  In this lab, you are going to interpret the data from four simplified station model examples.  Examine the station models below and determine the air temperature and air pressure at each location.  Add your answers to the attached answer worksheet.

C:\Users\s-m-a_000\OneDrive\Pictures\Screenshots\2018-06-27 (4).png


Air Pressure Map

The map below is a simplified weather map of the United States showing surface pressure conditions in millibars.  There is one high pressure center and one low pressure center on the map.  Examine the map and determine which U.S. state the high pressure center is located over and which U.S. state the low pressure center is located over.  Add these answers to the attached answer worksheet.

C:\Users\s-m-a_000\OneDrive\Pictures\Screenshots\2018-06-27 (5).png

When you have completed all parts of the Air Pressure Lab and completely filled out the answer worksheet, save the worksheet and submit it for grading using the Assignments Tool in ACE.

Air Pressure Lab Answer Worksheet

Google Earth

1. ______________________________ Elevation: ______________________________

2. ______________________________ Elevation: ______________________________

3. ______________________________ Elevation: ______________________________

4. ______________________________ Elevation: ______________________________

The Station Model

1. Temperature: __________________________ Air Pressure: ________________________

2. Temperature: __________________________ Air Pressure: ________________________

3. Temperature: __________________________ Air Pressure: ________________________

4. Temperature: __________________________ Air Pressure: ________________________

Air Pressure Map

1. High Pressure Center ______________________________

2. Low Pressure Center ______________________________

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