Chapter 12: Pages 365-380

Green IT Strategies: Drivers, Dimensions and Goals


Assignment Instructions

Week 8 Case Study:

Review and Read Chapter 12, then apply the same green IT strategies and applications to a big box retailer or similar type of building or small group of clustered buildings. You may even use where you work.  The scale is micro and not macro in that while you might discuss the local Target or Walmart you will not discuss the entire chain or organization. You work should be no less than 15 pages in APA format.  If you are have a hard time deciding how to organize your work you should look no further than Chapter 13, in fact, I highly recommend doing so for your own convenience.

NOTE: This assignment has the classroom TII (TurnItIn) feature turned on. This means that once your assignment has been submitted to this area, it will automatically be submitted to database to generate an Originality Report with an Originality Index. It takes anywhere from a minute to 24 hours (or longer) for this report to be generated and returned to the classroom assignment area. Check often to see if the report has been generated. The acceptable criteria for the Originality Index in this course is a maximum of 15%. Which means 15% of the submitted paper has been matched with sources in the database and hence is not original to the student’s work. A 0% match index is ideal and should be aimed for. In addition to the 15% maximum overall match allowance, each of your cited sources should not exceed 2%. The bibliography section of your paper is excluded from the match index by your professor after the report has been generated by filtering this portion in the report. However, each cited source must not exceed 2%. A report exceeding 15% Match Index will get a grade of 0. Any individual source of more than 2% match will reduce the paper grade by the difference of the match and 2%. So for example, a paper with overall match index of say 5% (which is acceptable for the overall match criteria of 15% max) with an individual source matched at say 4% (which is not acceptable for an individual source criteria of 2% max) will result in a 2% reduction from the paper score of 100%. You will have the opportunity to rework your paper and resubmit one for a new report generation. Please refer to Week 1 Announcement regarding Turnitin Originality Report for more details.

Assignment Grading Criteria

 Assignment Grading Criteria  Maximum Points
 Completes and analyzes relevant lab/activity  14
 Uses proper grammar, spelling and mechanics  4
 Timeliness & APA Style  4
 Total Points:  22


(BOOK): Unhelkar, B. (2011). Green IT strategies and applications: Using environmental intelligence. Boca Raton, FL: CRC Press Taylor & Francis.


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