Course Project (Scenario) Supplemental Information (Sheet 2)

Course Project (Scenario) Supplemental Information (Sheet 2)

2. Planning and management: Document data center relocation concerns and possible obstacles.

 Identify potential costs.

 Develop a budget.

 Develop a process list of all anticipated move-related tasks.

 Determine lessons learned from past moves.

 Test move processes to identify problems or issues.

 Obtain stakeholder approval to continue project.

3. Data center move strategy: Using the information collected during the CSA, develop a detailed move strategy.

 Identify key personnel who will be involved with executing the move.

o Determine if outsourcing of tasks is required.

 Identify potential risks.

o Develop risk mitigation processes.

 Assign servers and applications to move bundles.

 Prioritize the order in which bundles will be moved to the new data center.

4. Data center migration: This involves activities identified for execution of the move.

 Shift data center operations to a back-up site.

 Verify operations are working properly.

 Shut down current operations.

 Procure/order new equipment required.

 Uninstall existing equipment.

 Prepare for shipment.

 Track shipment.

 Receive shipments at new data center.

o New procurements

o Existing equipment

 Install equipment.

o Test and verify.

 Install software/applications.

o Test and verify.

 Migrate live data from backup site.

o Test and verify.

5. Post-move verification: Validate data center move was completed correctly and equipment and applications are functioning as required.

 Ensure all installations are complete.

 Conduct post- move benchmarks of performance,and compare with pre-move benchmarks to determine delta (difference), if any.

Course Project Scenario Supplemental Information (Sheet 2)

 Obtain stakeholder approval and acceptance.

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