Language and Culture

Language and Culture


Language and Culture

Brianna Baldwin

Grand Canyon University: COM 263

June 17, 2018

Language and Culture

Language is the mode of communication human beings use to pass information and interact with one another. Culture is simply the customs or the behavior of a given people in the society. Language and culture tend to work hand in hand with and there is so much influence that the mode of communication or rather the language that a people speak has on the cultural practice of that particular group. Language is normally used to express individual or societal thought and these thoughts in some way end up making the general cultural practice of people in a given society.

Language is one of the most important elements in any cultures all over the world and it has very many influence on the respective cultures. The first area where language is seen to be influencing the culture is the behavioral perspective. When people use a common language, it gives their lives some direction on the manner in which they behave. Language generally is a mode of communication and whenever people want to come up with some way forward they need to communicate before they make the decision so generally the character or behavior of people in a given culture is normally determined by the language they speak. An example is with the serious Christians, they tend to use polite language and so are normally believed to be good to other people (Derek, 2013).

Culture generally is the manner in which people interact and leave with one another in the community so when they communicate using some language whether it is negative or positive, these people will be motivated to think in that manner and so will be their lifestyle. A language in many cases is unique in some way and this comes with the ethnic group that speaks it or the general users, it does not have to be an ethnic group. A language happens to be different depending on the users like the mode Christians normally have some language that makes them identical to other people. Christians are normally known for using some language that is polite and humble towards the individuals on the other side. They are fond of being friendly to other people and this comes from the doctrine in which they believe in that is the bible that gives direction in their language.

Idioms from Christian Culture

Idioms are generally phrases that are normally used by people to communicate and are normally unique depending on the language they are using. The most common idioms in the Christian language are inclined toward the bible. The first idiom from this culture is about being brother’s keeper, this when taken literally can simply mean that one will need like to store the brother but that is not case in the Christian culture, it means taking care of the brother in Christianity or salvation.

The other phrase that is also unique to this culture and its language is about the relationship of the people living in this faith and God. Christians refer to God the father in heaven when literally they live on earth and has not been to heaven at any point and time. This reference of God as the father is only unique to the believers of this faith and the doctrine of Christianity. The final idiom that is also common with the Christian culture is about the final destination of the believers which is heaven referred to as “our home” This language has an historical origin with the Christian faith that traces back to the beginning of Christianity and creation in the bible, that is focusing on the salvation and respecting God the creator (Gehring, 2017).


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