Narrative writing Expert

Narrative writing Expert

1. Leading People: Tell me about a time when you lead or managed a diverse team. How did you ensure that you were promoting leadership at each of their levels? How successful were you at building a high performing team?

2. Partnering: Think about a specific time when you had to negotiate with several service chiefs to obtain their cooperation to implement a specific initiative. Tell me specifically how you negotiated with them to attain the desired cooperation and how implementation of the initiative went.

3. Leading Change: Describe a situation where you were responsible for leading others to change a process in order to meet the organization’s future goals. How did you foster an environment of creativity for others? What was the outcome?

4. Results Driven: Give me an example of a time when you used good judgment and decision-making in solving a problem. Describe a change you are responsible for that improved the performance of your work area or organization. How did: 1) you come up with the idea for the change, 2) you go about implementing the change, 3) staff respond to the change, and 4) you measure the outcome of the change? In looking back, what things would you do differently?

5. Global Perspective: Ensures Strategic Alignment and Enhances Outcomes for veterans: provide an overview and specific example of how you provided a role linking the organizational strategy and its objectives with every unit (or multiple units/services) and employee in the organization.

6. Business Acumen: Describe achievements specific to your area of business acumen such as finance management, project management, human resources management, succession planning, VERA, developing employees, and business planning.

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