Index of Store Policies, Guidelines & Regulations

· Introduction


· Human resources

a. Hiring process

b. Required paperwork and certifications needed prior to becoming an active employee

c. Employees

d. Training

e. Uniform/dress code requirement

· Smoking

a. Employee discount

b.Family & friends

· Employ breaks/lunch

· Employee schedules

· Employee pay


· Permits and licensing

· Emergencies


· Food certification/ handling

· Cash handling


· Back office

· Registers/Front end

a. Drive item

b. promotions at register

· Sales floor

· Shrinkage and loss

· Expired food

· Food waste

· Lottery

· Inventory

· Ordering

· Promotions

· Competitive shop

· Vendors

· Store supplies

· Repair and maintenance

· Store Manager Bonus plan

This manual is intended to inform, be a reference, and guide to help you to succeed with the company. We have listed policies and procedures that are necessary expected, and must be followed as an employee of Fresh Hut or any subsidiaries of D&T Development.


a. Once a verbal agreement for hiring has been made, the Store manager must ensure the W-2 and I-9 forms have been completed with a current picture ID and another form of identification

These items must be sent to Human Resources

b. The new employee MUST take the TABC test, pass and have a certification PRIOR to ringing on the register if they do not have a current TABC certification. If the new employee is to work in the food area, a Food Handler certification MUST be acquired if the employee doesn’t have one before working in the food area.

c. Once all information is done and certification is complete, then the new employee is trained by the Store manager and the training sheet is signed by both the employee and the Store manager after the 3-5 day training period.

d. A copy of the TABC certification and Food Handler certification must be kept at the store in a required Certification/Employee requirement binder, and a copy sent to the Human Resources dept. PRIOR to the employee being scheduled.


· All employees are required to come to work on time ready for their shift. It is acceptable to clock in 3-5 mins. earlier than your scheduled start time

· The manager will determine if you are Full-time or Part-time

Store Manager:

· Store manager must confirm employee time clock daily

· The Store manager works 5 ½ days preferably Monday- Saturday

· The Store manager is responsible for making sure there is no unauthorized over time

· The Store manager is responsible for making the payroll budget at all times

· Employee file at store level is not to include w-4 or I-9 and must be in a locked drawer with Store manager access only at store level only application and any corrective action

· Medical notes must be kept in a separate file folder in the locked file drawer

· The Store manager is responsible for hiring, sending paperwork to human resources, training, coaching & proper staffing to ensure the company policies and expectations are met


All employees are to dress in professional business casual attire with provided name tag

If the station offers a shirt, this is for the employee to wear during working hours.

Listed below are acceptable attire:

All clothing must be clean, no holes, graphics, writing, slogans, hats, (unless for religious purposes). Hair color: natural colors IE: black, brown blonde, red

· Provided shirt with station name

· If no shirt is provided, a solid colored shirt/blouse is acceptable.

· Casual pants ; jeans are acceptable

· Skirts that come to the knee or below, but not touching the floor or near the floor

· Shorts can be worn during the hottest seasons as long as they are to the knee or below.. Men and women

· Shoes must have a rubber sole and closed toe and heel.

Below are a list of clothing / accessories that are not acceptable and can not be worn at any time

· Hats/ head wrap (unless for religious reasons)

· Sandals of any kind including flip flops

· Sweat pants/ shorts


Not approved

· Dangling jewelry or extremely large earrings or bracelets

· No clothing with any type of holes, words, slogans or advertising unless given to you specifically by the company for a promotion or to wear. Any deviation must have corp. approval.

· Any graphic or offense worded tattoos or tattoos with any graphic pictures that can be deemed offensive to anyone must be covered up at all times

· Hoodies

· At all times employees must keep good hygiene

· Unnatural dyed hair colors: IE: blue, green, purple

· Any violations of this policy will result in disciplinary action up to and including possible termination.

· If you are asked to go home and change, you must clock out and return in the proper attire. You will NOT be paid during the time you are not at the store.

· 1st occurrence is a verbal and sent home to change

· 2nd violation is a final written corrective action

· 3rd violation will result in a suspension or possible termination to be determined by the Director of Operations, Vice President and Human Resources


· Smoking is not allowed inside the building, the front of the building or at any times near any gas pumps.

· We do not provide discounts to employees, family or friends.

· Employees are allowed to have a free coffee or fountain drink (does not include slushy or any bottled drinks we sell). The employee can purchase a cup for .50 and use it for their drink during their

Shift. At no times are employees that are not on the clock working a shift allowed to come into the store and get a free drink. That is considered theft and grounds for termination.


· If the Store manager gives the employee a break it is a 15 minute paid break, and the employee does NOT clock out.

· A lunch is a 30 minute unpaid lunch and the employee must clock out. The Store manager must ensure the schedule is written so the store is covered for any lunches that are given for 6 hr. or longer working shifts

· Work breaks/ lunches

4 hours. or more – 15 minute paid break employee must stay in the store

6 – 10 hrs. 15 paid minute break and 30 minute unpaid lunch

10 hrs or more (2) 15 minute paid breaks and (2) 30 minute unpaid lunches

· There is not a Smoke break, it must be taken as the a regular 15 minute break. If alone, an employee can not leave the store.

· Employees are not allowed to play or purchase lottery games or tickets while working


· Schedules must be completed and sent to the Director of Operations prior to posting for approval on Thursday by 4pm, and posted by Saturday for employees review for the upcoming week after approval.

· The Store manager must schedule according to budgeted hours, and must adjust as needed if sales performance does not meet the budgeted hours requirement

· Any employee requests off or times must be put in writing 2 weeks prior to the time requested and given to the Store manager. Note: A request does not mean automatic approval.

The Store manager must schedule for the business needs, and will make all attempts to grant reasonable requests fairly and equitably that are not detrimental to our business.


· Employees are paid bi-weekly on Fridays. The first pay is 3 weeks after your start date.

I.E.: if you start on 5/28/18, your first pay will be the 6/15/18

TCEQ/ Required Certifications

TCEQ. (Texas on commission environmental quality)

At all times we are expected and must adhere to all Texas and federal rules and regulations.

The TCEQ is designed to protect the people and environment of Texas.

Any visits of any regulation agency, must be reported to the Director of Operations and Vice President within the hour. Any violations must be addressed immediately. Any mail sent by any regulatory agency must be sent to Corp. office immediately, and inform the Director of Operations.

· Spill buckets must be checked daily

· Pumps cleaned and checked daily

· Ensure no gas spills or leaks

· Call and inform immediately of any issues

· Any hazards must call poison control center


· Store manager is to ensure all licenses and permits are placed in designated space visible to customers if required and those not required to be visible in office in binder designated for permits and licenses.

· The store manager must inform the corporate office Human resources and the finance department of any licenses or permits that will expire a minimum of 30 days prior to the expiration


In the event of an emergency and the authorities, fire department or medical attention is needed, CALL 911.

If the store manager is not in the building, call them. The store manager is to call the Director of Operations and the Vice President. If the store manager is not available call the Director of operations and Vice President.

TABC (Texas Alcohol Beverage Commission)

ALL Employees must have a valid current TABC certification prior to working. A copy of the certification must be kept in a binder at the front registers at all times.

It is the Store managers duty and responsibility to ensure all employees have this required certification prior to hire.

· Employees must ALWAYS ask for ID for anyone that appears under the age of 40 PRIOR to giving a price or ringing any tobacco and alcoholic product.



· All employees working in the food area must have the food handlers certification from the state of Texas prior to working in the food area.

· The Store manager must have the food handler AND the Food certification.

· There must be someone with a food certification in the building at all times of food operating hours.

· The certifications are to be kept in a binder in the food area as well as a copy in the office binder with the TABC


· The Store manager is responsible for the cash and reconciliation daily. If the store has an assistant manager they will be responsible for the cash when the Store manager is not present

· Registers are to have no more than $250 at a time and all large denomination bills are to be dropped in the safe immediately following the proper company procedures.

· Total safe amount is to be at $1000.00. (Any changes must be approved by the Vice President)

*Safe $1000.00 amount includes:

a.(2) Registers at $250.00 each

b. Safe at $500.00 (considered Petty cash)

· Anything short or over the $1000.00 must be sent to the corp. office and inform the Director of operations and Vice President

· The Store manager is responsible for petty cash $500

· All bank deposits are to be made daily when Store manager is present. If a deposit can not be made, the Store manager must immediately inform the Director of operations with the amount and reason why.

· There should never be more than 1 deposit taken to the bank at a time. Any other reason for multiple deposits taken in one day must be approved by the Director of operations and the Vice President

· Multiple or large cash shortages will result in disciplinary action up to and including suspension and possible termination.


· ATM filled by 3rd party

· Manager is responsible for point of view

· Manager will make sure ATM

· Any issues must notify Director of Operations immediately

· ATM filled by manager

· Store manager must attach receipt and all receipts in same day paperwork

· Store manager will fill up ATM and maintain the ATM at $2000

· Store manager must send receipt w/ bank deposit to Director of operations and accounting dept.


Store manager is to do all sessions of Petrosoft training to ensure accuracy

· Each Monday is a live training session. The Store manager is required to know all functions.

· The store manager must send confirmation to the Director of Operations with sign on time, day and completion of all Petrosoft training sessions

· All store managers are required to spend 1 hour each week minimum in Petrosoft live sessions for review AFTER initial training that will be 3 days of Petrosoft

· The Director of Operations will assign or give sessions required for new employees and review requirements for existing store managers as needed

· Store manager is to enter all paperwork information into the back office system in a timely manner.

· All invoices must be completed the day the product is received, this includes all vendors

· Print final paperwork and attach to daily paperwork sheet

If the system goes down, the manager is to contact Petrosoft and the Director of operations


· All registers are to be clean and clear of any loose money

· Keep area and counter top neat

· Employees are not allowed to sit in a chair at the register at any time

· Keep surrounding area clear with an open view to the store and outside

· At no time is anyone that is not an employee allowed behind the register or in the register

· Money is to put in the drawer after a transaction not on the counter or anywhere else

· Cashiers are not allowed to give customers cash back or change unless it is change from a transaction.

IE: if a customer asks if you can give change for a $100 bill, we can not do this


· Must be kept full, clean and in stock at all time

· Dept. Inventory done weekly.

Any discrepancies of 5 or more must be recounted within 3 days

· Critical counts: Store manager responsibility Lottery and cigarettes must be done daily at opening and at the end of each shift and recorded.

Beer weekly

· Lottery and cigarettes must be done daily.

Beer weekly

· 3rd party inventory will be done every 90 days

· All invoices must be posted within the period

· Organize and keep current records at all times

· Shelves, cooler doors, products must be kept full, clean & in stock at all time

· Coffee fresh every 4 hours

· Fountain drink area customer ready

· Displays full and clean

· Proper food & product rotation. Oldest dated product to the front to help eliminate out dated goods

· Planogram changes will be done by the Director of operations


· Markdowns should not exceed 0.2% of sales

· Any large amounts of markdowns (10 or more of the same item ) must be approved by the Director of operations and Vice President


· Expired product must be removed from sales floor, recorded in back office system and disposed of after information sent to Director of Operations and approval given to dispose.

· Expired product and damages markdowns should not exceed 0.2 % of sales.

· Rotation of product and close dated product is to be featured at the front or a drive item for the cashiers to help reduce markdowns and expired product


· Food inventory must be logged daily

· All sales must be rung through the register at time of purchase

· All food waste must be logged on waste sheet and the store manager throws it out after verifying items

· Employees are not allowed to take any food product from the restaurant that has not been paid for.

· At the end of the week food sales and food waste totals are timber included with the sales report sent to Corporate and the Director of Operations.

· Markdowns should not be above .05% of sales


Employees must follow the lottery rules

· The lottery starts on Sunday and ends on Saturday.

a. The police must be called immediately in case of any theft of lottery tickets.

The call must be made within 5 mins. of any incident and next contact the Director of Operations and Vice President if store manager is not on site. If store manager is on site he/she is to make all calls

b. Cashier must always ask lottery customer for money FIRST before selling tickets because once the ticket is activated it can not be deactivated


d. Any unused tickets, old or damaged must be picked up by a lottery official.

e. The store manager or assistant manager must count tickets daily and record information correctly in office system and the range numbers must be written down and recorded

f. The lottery screen gives all stores the most current news, and your stores specific email is available

g. Lottery tickets can not be sold after 12 midnight and can not be cashed in before 6am

h. Always hit clear after each lottery customer transaction

i. Our store limit for a cash lottery winner is $500

j. Store manager must also do daily lottery reports

k. Store Manager must confirm receipt of lottery tickets

Any intentional violations will result in disciplinary action up to and including possible termination. Theft of lottery tickets is a federal crime. Any employee that violates this law in any way will be terminated and prosecution will occur


· Inventory of entire store must be completed in a 30 day cycle.

· Follow the cycle below as a guide:

Week 1: cigarettes, tobacco, lottery, and beer

Week 2: candy, grocery, paper goods

Week 3: automotive, salty snacks, chips

Week 4: cookies, soda, & coolers

· Dept. Inventory done weekly.

Critical counts: Store manager responsibility

· Lottery and cigarettes must be done daily per shift

· Beer weekly

· Store must be priced correctly and ticketed

· Only approved merchandise can be sold at the store

· 3rd party inventory will be done every 90 days

· All invoices must be posted within the period

· Organize and keep current records at all times


· The store manager must order product based on sales and inventory level to maximize sales

· Store manager must walk with vendors to ensure correct product and amount is ordered

· The grocery order is to be done on time, and the initial order is to be approved by the Director of operations to ensure we are maximizing sales

· The store manager should be scheduled on the day the grocery order is delivered.

· Any discrepancies must be reported using the grocery ordering system to ensure proper credit.

· Send any discrepancies of orders within 24 hours of delivery


· All managers are to ensure proper signing is in place to correspond with any existing promotions

· Speak with vendors to ensure product and back stock is on hand

· Report any issues to the Director of Operations


· The store manager is to visit competition and inform the Director of Operations of any large disparaging issues in pricing or promotions.

· The comp. shop ( competitive shop) is to be done weekly

a. Must include #1 cigarettes

b. Gas prices ( if our pricing is not competitive the store manager must inform the Director of operations


· Vendors must check in with manager before bringing or taking any merchandise

· Merchandise boxes or crates must be opened and counted by manager

· All vendor checks must be copied first before releasing

· Invoices must be scanned and posted daily

· Weekly vendor schedule to be posted in the office

· Only approved vendors are allowed to deliver product

· Any new vendors or product must be approved by the corp. office


The manager should order all necessary supplies from approved vendors. The store manager will have a discretionary $75 a month budget to buy an incidentals needed for the store that is not supplied by the main vendor; I.E. Coremark. Any purchases over $75 a month must get Director of operations and Vice President approval prior to purchase


· Any repairs or maintenance issues at the store must have approval and the Director of Operations must be informed.


Please speak with the Director of operations and Vice President for details

Please review all of these sections and if you have any questions, please contact the Director of Operations, V. President or Human resources.

D&T Development,llc has the right to change, amend or update any sections or information at any time as deemed necessary to any policies, regulations and guidelines.

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