Replies Required (200 Words)

Replies Required (200 Words)

Question: Your state has a forthcoming referendum concerning no smoking in public places including bars and restaurant


In most negotiations, the parties involved fail to understand the key steps needed. However, there are ten steps needed in order to achieve a successful negotiation plan (Kochan & Lipsky, 2003). These steps are:

Focus on achieving your main objective

One should consider themselves first and consider ways of benefiting themselves first before the others come in.


Find out as much as you can the information about the other party. Learn the needs of the other party and how much you can be of help to them. Again, plan on the bidding strategies you apply to the other party.

Don’t sympathize but empathize with the other party

Always put yourself in the shoes of the other party and reason out how it would feel to be in the same position without forgetting that me comes before we. You should be firm on your values as well as being quite flexible (McCarthy & Hay, 2015).

Teach the other party to empathize with you

Convince the other party why your idea is right and tell that you just like them.

Manage yourself

Be strong to develop ways of improving your strengths thus minimizing weaknesses. Be honest with your work. Have confidence in yourself.

Manager the other side

Ensure that the agreements made to them are worthwhile. There should be guarantees rather than promises.

Exchange of information should be first followed by exchange of value

Clearly understand well a product before incurring any costs to it.

Time considerations

There should be set time deadlines. No sharing the costs incurred under time basis.

Consider implications for the future

Consider the regulations set for the agreement and point out the actions to be taken if one party declines from the deal.

Refine and learn

This is the final step that involves several practices on these steps to achieve successful negotiations (Lewicki, 2015).

Replies Required (200 Words)


I.        Understanding the Flow of Negotiations: Stages and Phases

 A.  The typical steps or flow in a negotiation can be found in the phase models of negotiation:

 1.   Initiation.

2.   Problem solving.

3.   Resolution.


Initiation is the first phase in negotiation where both parties start then process by getting to know each other and the things they are required to do. For instance, the negotiator gathers about the other party’s personal information, goals and targets.

Problem solving involves the doing of the actual tasks each party is required to handle. Like in a situation where there are alternatives one is chosen to operate with it effectively. Here, the problem is recognized, analyzed and possible solutions are generated out (Langenegger & Ambbhl, 2016).

Resolution is the firmness of a decision on whether to participate on something or not. It involves where both parties adhere to the agreement and make the negotiation process successful (Kennedy, 2016).

In the first face the other party is given a chance to introduce themselves or either the negotiator enquires to know whether they target goals match with their field or not. It is at this stage where either of the parties are able to show their seriousness. The negotiator has the burden to convince the other party why they should work with them. At this stage both parties mention their price values where by bargaining may take place. A brief discussion occurs where both parties may come into an agreement or not.

In a situation where both parties agree, then problem solving comes in. The negotiator is able to handle the other party’s problem and understand it well. If there alternative to its solution the other party chooses one. The negotiator should always have alternative solutions in order to guide and help the other party in choosing the best. The both parties agree on the most appropriate way to solve the problem. However, a resolution is found when the party makes a final decision on whether to take the offer or not. As soon as they agree, they work should be started immediately (Brett & Gelfand, 2004).

Replies Required (150 Words)


Discuss how to access team productivity:

What conditions need to be in place for teams to excel and why?

Suggestion ways to design teamwork so that threats to performance is minimized

As a manager, how would you reward teamwork?


How to access the team productivity:

According to the human resource management survey employee relationship, training and compensation plays a vital role in the organization productivity. At the same time, customer satisfaction also plays a important role, to improve the performance and productivity managers needs to take care of the requirements needed by the employees. The manager always needs to mingle with their subordinates and discuss the ideas related to the work allocation part with his teammates, so that employees can realize that their work and inputs are valued by the management. Effective communications with the teammates and co workers on a regular basis will help the manager to get up to date feedback and outcomes of the productivity.

Different conditions need to be in order for team to excel and why:

A team is nothing but a group of people working together to achieve a predefined objectives of the business. Since, group is nothing but a people with different thinking’s and opinions it is always important in a group to share their ideas and knowledge with their colleagues so that the communication gaps will be reduced and whole team should be on the same page to solve the various issues and conflicts arises in the team. It is most important that, individuals should encourage each other irrespective of their ability to do works. Its also plays a important role in the team, to share their knowledge with each other since few have immense knowledge about the process. In the last, teams are meant to work together as one to achieve the common tasks and objectives for the business.

Various ways to design teamwork so that threats to performance is minimized:

To improve the team productivity and performance, leader or manger should motivate his teammates and tune up them on the regular intervals so that the team performance should be improve. The leader must be demonstrate towards the conflicts resolution if occurred and continue to remind the members more frequently about the importance of work and express their appreciation for contributing their efforts. Communication always plays important role in the team, paying attention to the success ratio of the employees and rewarding them for their valuable efforts will also helps to improve the working environment and overall performance of the team.

Replies Required (150 Words)

It is exceptionally fundamental to have your group more gainful. To get to group profitability the main thing is to have a reasonable chain of correspondence. Group will have the capacity to cooperate successfully just in the event that they see each other well so openness is of the utmost importance part. There ought to be set of correspondence rules to be trailed by the group. The second thing is to have medium of correspondence set like which apparatus group will use to achieve other like SharePoint or some sort of programming which will keep group associated. May be if few part are seaward it winds up hard to impart once in a while so the correct planning ought to be set when everybody will have meeting. Third and last thing I would state the group will be more gainful if there is less prevention, impediments and diversions. An appropriate positive workplace is exceptionally important.

As indicated by me for the group to exceed expectations it is critical that there is no correspondence hole or misjudging between colleagues. A shared comprehension between colleagues will make group more grounded. There ought to be receptiveness to share learning and data among colleagues. Like might be one individual is master in retail field on which the task is going on, so he or she should impart information to others yet it happens just if request. Each colleague should regard and bolster each other, positive intensity is great however strife and weigh less conduct and injurious dialect ought to be kept away from. The imperative thing is all colleagues should share a shared objective and ought to be submitted for that. In conclusion time administration is additionally fundamental that everybody play out its assignment in right group to accomplish the group objective.

A group must be composed remembering the task and goal of organization. The dangers will be limited if group is planned in way that is clear with the vision and objective to accomplish, sees each other, help each other, speak with each other on everyday schedule and do general catch up of the errand. Every last colleague ought to be on same page and there should compensate based group structure, one who does diligent work or brilliant work will be remunerated. Inspiration and motivation between groups ought to be there.

Replies Required (150 Words)

ocuses on performance, productivity, and rewarding teamwork. Based on your understanding, discuss the following.

Discuss how to access team productivity.

“Tune in to workers. While changing over three siloes divisions to twelve multifunctional groups concentrated on client accounts, the organization questioned a cross area of workers and discovered that they were exceptionally impervious to group based pay.

Recognize particular parts. The firm settled an arrangement of separated remuneration in light of the particular aptitudes every part gives to a group. Since every individual has a one of a kind capacity, it’s moderately simple for chiefs to distinguish singular commitments. Representatives are assessed on measures, for example, work learning and work quality.

Be steady about assessment. All individuals from a given group are assessed by one chief as opposed to a variety of utilitarian supervisors.

Join groups through acknowledgment. The organization energizes collaboration and participation by recognizing people’s commitments to their groups and expressly following and imparting the groups’ part in the organization’s prosperity”


What conditions need to be in place for teams to excel and why?

Your family aren’t imbecilic; they know when they have been stuck on a social event that has no master and whose choices will be overruled by you or some other director in the alliance. Precisely when that is the condition they will look at and you won’t get their best considerations. The best social occasions are those that are doing basic work for their affiliations, and that have been empowered the ace to settle on fundamental choices. Right when your get-togethers are completely connected with you will have the opportunity and capacity to meander before long from settling on each and every choice for your business. By offering control to your social affair you can place essentialness in more basic things. This doesn’t mean, regardless, that you let go completely. Stay in contact with your get-togethers and certification they are accountable for their advance and results.


Suggestion ways to design teamwork so that threats to performance is minimized?

“Tune in to workers. While changing in excess of three siloed divisions to twelve multifunctional packs concentrated on client accounts, the affiliation investigated a cross zone of workers and found that they were exceptionally impervious to accumulate based pay. See particular parts. The firm settled a game-plan of detached pay in light of the particular aptitudes each part accommodates a social affair. Since every individual has a one of a kind cutoff, it’s respectably fundamental for manager to perceive single obligations. Operators are reviewed on measures, for example, work learning and work quality.

Be tireless about assessment. All individuals from a given social occasion are assessed by one supervisor instead of a variety of utilitarian administrators. Join clusters through attestation. The affiliation enables composed exertion and participation by seeing people’s obligations to their social affairs and expressly following and giving the get-togethers’ part in the affiliation’s flourishing”



As a manager, how would you reward teamwork?

· “Listen to masters: While changing in excess of three siloed divisions to twelve multifunctional bundles concentrated on client accounts, the affiliation investigated a cross area of agents and found that they were phenomenally impervious to assemble based pay.

· Identify particular parts: The firm settled a game-plan of confined pay in light of the particular limits each part accommodates a social occasion. Since every individual has a striking breaking point, it’s respectably direct for officials to perceive specific obligations. Agents are reviewed on measures, for example, work learning and work quality.

· Be obvious about assessment:  All individuals from a given social occasion are reviewed by one official rather than a variety of practical boss.

· Unite packs through confirmation: The affiliation supports joint exertion and speculation by seeing people’s obligations to their get-togethers and unequivocally following and passing on the social occasions’ part in the affiliation’s prosperity”

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