Running head: ABC Healthcare Organization Proposal 1

Running head: ABC Healthcare Organization Proposal 1

ABC Healthcare Organization Proposal 2

ABC Healthcare Organization Proposal

Malodree Johnson

MHA 616 Health Care Management Information Systems

Instructor: Tony Ruffin

July 09th 2018

ABC Healthcare Organization Proposal

Healthcare organizations have several requirements that are needed to improve the quality of healthcare services they provide. The case study, ‘Improving handoffs in San Francisco general hospital’s emergency department’ provides several proposals that can be selected for other healthcare organizations. These requirements and needs present n the case study will be applicable to my ‘ABC Healthcare Organization’ because of the emergency services provided. The ABC Healthcare Organization will be providing services such as first aid and emergency operations to patients who have accident injuries. Beside this, the ABC Healthcare Organization will also provide trauma healthcare services to patients with severe pains and stress resulting from adverse situations (Perry, Reynolds & Clare, 2018). This includes treatments of such patients and offering guiding and counseling as well to reduce their stress and mental unrest. This will also give such patients hope for the future and make them have good knowledge about their situations and the ways to control their suffering.

The case study explains the measures that will be taken to reduce the poor communication problem in the San Francisco General Hospital by applying the Plan-Do-Study-Act measures. This PDSA cycle provides for improved medical and healthcare services such as improved communication that helps to improve the quality of the emergency services. This strategy will also be applicable and essential to the ABC Healthcare Organization. This organization will utilize such strategy to help reduce the problems of communication between the medical officers and patients (Greysen, Cenzer, Auerbach & Covinsky, 2015). This will be essential especially when the patients are to be transferred to other healthcare services. Improving communication standards in ABC Healthcare Organization will reduce cases such as worsening of patients due to poor information provided when transferring them and will also reduce the number of death cases that results from poor handling of patients because of poor communication. The community will benefit more from this PDSA strategy utilized by the ABC Healthcare Organization since the healthcare services provided will be of high quality and free from errors.

Beside this there are various practices from the case study that confirms that data is accurate, complete, consistent, timely, secure and fit for use. This includes the mentioning of the number of people that are served by the San Francisco Hospital. Over 1.5 million people are served by this hospital as it is the only level 1 hospital in the county. This information affirms the proposals of constructing the ABC Healthcare Organization to assist in provision of such emergency services for the high number of patients in this region. This data is also complete and accurate for the ABC Healthcare Organization to be built in the region as it gives essential circumstance for the county to have more level 1 hospitals to help serve the high number of patients (Perry, Reynolds & Clare, 2018). This information is also timely as it explains the importance of having another healthcare organization soon to help reduce congestion in San Francisco hospital.

There are different types of data and information provided in the case study that explain the different healthcare services. This includes the strategy implementation and the intervention. The intervention data explain the proposed strategies that the healthcare organization will use to improve the quality o healthcare services in the hospital. On the other hand, implementation information explains the ways that will be utilized to help improve the quality of services. This includes how the strategies will be laid and followed.


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Quality improvement student project proposal: Improving handoffs in San Francisco general hospital’s emergency department pdf

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