“Scrum, DSDM, and Agile Unified Process”

“Scrum, DSDM, and Agile Unified Process”

“Scrum, DSDM, and Agile Unified Process”

1. Compare and contrast agile unified process and the process groups outlined in Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK). Provide one (1) example of each process (Scrum, DSDM, and Agile Unified Process).

2. Read the following mini-case titled, “Managing Scope in Agile Projects” Imagine that you are a Scrum Master. Recommend two (2) actions that you would take in order to manage the change of scope during the project execution. Provide a rationale for your response.

Cohort CIS525002VA016-1186-001

Minicase: Managing Scope in Agile Projects

dinmont logo.

Alex Murcheson hurries down the hall to catch up with Ben Hemmings.

“We’ve got a problem,” he said. “Ever since Ted Cranston became the new head of product development, he’s been in my office every 20 minutes. Now he’s insisting that we add two new features to the Glastonbury project.”

Hemmings frowned.”But we’re halfway through the last iteration before the launch!”

“I know,” Murcheson said. “But Cranston is adamant that they have to be in there. And of course, he doesn’t want to delay the launch—he wants to make a big splash with Glastonbury as the first completed project of the ‘Cranston era.'”

Murcheson has been a brand manager at Dinmont Solutions for 25 years. When senior management decided that Dinmont would become an Agile organization, they assigned Murcheson the task of overseeing a few preliminary projects to “work out the kinks.”

Murcheson’s first decision was to hire Hemmings, a product owner with five years of experience in Agile product development. The preliminary projects had a few minor mishaps but, overall, were very successful. Now management’s expectations had risen and the pressure was on to continue to produce results.

Murcheson shook his head. “I told Cranston that we locked the requirements when we planned the iterations, but he’s seen how we’ve been able to make adjustments quickly so he thinks we can just add the features anyway. I don’t think we have any choice. He’s not going to budge and he’s the boss. We have to get these features done.”

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