Employees Laws, Policies & Processes

Employees Laws, Policies & Processes


Employees Laws, Policies & Processes

Timothy E Sands, Sr.

Dr. Bobby Barrett

Strayer University – Online

HRM-510: Business Employment Law

July 22, 2018


My duties as the Director of the Human Resource Department for my organization, it’s my responsibility develop and manages and ensure a diverse understanding of all employment laws to my teams and section for both the new and current employees.

Outline one (1) job interview process, method used to select the right employees. Determine two (2) employment laws and key the ramifications of not enforcing the said laws.

1. Outline one (1) job interview process, and document the methods that you must use to select the right person for available positions. Determine two (2) employment laws that you must consider in the process in question, and examine the key ramifications of the organization’s lack of enforcement of said laws.

By using independence contractors and temporary workers also predict three (3) issues that may be encounter and examine two (2) laws that must be used.

2. Suppose your same organization decides on an unconventional workforce comprised primarily of independent contractors and temporary workers. Predict three (3) issues that you may encounter in building relationships with each type of worker. Next, examine two (2) laws that you must follow during the relationship building process, and specify the manner in which each law would help in the relationship building process.

Evaluate the effectiveness of your organization HR policies and processes used to promote a diverse workforce. Outline one (1) strategy that recognizes affirmative actions. Include a plan to mitigate both the glass ceiling effect & reverse discrimination. Use two examples of the major benefit plans.

3. Evaluate the effectiveness of the organization’s HR policies and processes that are designed to promote a diverse workforce. Next, outline one (1) strategy for the organization that recognizes affirmative action. Include a plan to mitigate both the glass ceiling effect and reverse discrimination within your organization. Support your response with at least two (2) examples that illustrate the major benefits of the plan to the organization.

Use at least (3) quality references

4. Use at least three (3) quality academic resources in this assignment. Note: Wikipedia and other Websites do not qualify as academic resources.


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