Information System

Information System

INFO 373 Summer 2017 Midterm

Due: July 30 2017 by 11:59pm

Throughout the first half of the course we have covered the basics of digital forensics, including collecting data from systems and also network-based forensics. The combination of system and network forensics is an integral part of many investigations.

In 750-1000 words, please identify a recent investigation (dated from 2008 on) that incorporated the use forensics and explain it was used in combination with other traditional investigatory techniques to augment the analysis and lead to a final outcome.

Please incorporate a summary, analysis and critique of the methods if appropriate. Thinking critically about how other investigations have been approached helps to better your potential approach to an investigation.

You are free to choose any case, but I have listed a few examples below.

The 2013 takedown of Liberty Reserve

The 2008 takedown of DarkMarket by the FBI

The 2015 takedown of the SIMDA botnet

Although these cases represent good examples to write about, please feel free to choose any case you wish as long as you provide appropriate citations and documentation about the case.

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