“1. To IDS or to Not IDS?” Please respond to the following:

“1. To IDS or to Not IDS?” Please respond to the following:

· Suppose you were proposing the implementation of an IDS to your manager as a new initiative for your organization. Explain how you would make a business case for obtaining the funds in order to fully implement this initiative.

· Propose the top three reasons for why organizations would NOT choose to implement IDS / IPS systems, and analyze each of these reasons to determine whether you believe they are valid concerns or improper conclusions.


· 2. IDS in the Cloud” Please respond to the following:

· From the e-Activities, explain whether or not you believe technologies such as IDS are still relevant and useful as there is a push toward SaaS and cloud-based solutions.

· Discuss from your perspective how cloud-based services change incident response, for better or worse, and determine what you believe to be the greatest preparedness concern with cloud-based services.


· Read the article titled “Internet Intrusion Detection System Service in a Cloud”, located at http://ijcsi.org/papers/IJCSI-9-5-2-308-315.pdf. Be prepared to discuss.

· Go to NetworkWorld’s Website to read the article titled “Cloud security strategies: Where does IDS fit in?,” dated July 15, 2010, located at https://www.networkworld.com/article/2214006/security/cloud-security-strategies–where-does-ids-fit-in-.html​. Be prepared to discuss.

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