Inner and Outer Game in Leadership

Inner and Outer Game in Leadership

Self assessment

Leadership role and Environment

In my job in management I strive to achieve a balance in my inner and outer game (consciousness and competence) as this is necessary in order to be effective

The job environment can be very stressful and one must thereby not judge themselves too harshly when one does not perform as well expected as this may tib off on the staff. If this happens they may start to lose trust in management which would further reduce performance

A little self criticism is not entirely bad but once it is pushed over the ;imit it can become self-destructive. Even if am a perfectionist I try to set realistic standards so that I don’t wear myself too much. The key words are “a healthy balance”

It takes more than skill to be an effective manager, a person also needs that their inner qualities are also in line with their objectives as a mismatch will do them a disservice. Great leadership resonates with the deepest parts of ourselves it has a lot to do with a person’s character, courage and conviction(Anderson, Anderson, Adams & Adams, 2015)


Leadership process in outer game

In whatever capacity I act as a leader I try to deal with people at a personal level. I like it when they identify with the team and there is a sense of solidarity. In the past this has worked in my favor as people tend to cooperate more when they identify with the task

To assert authority I often do not need to use affirm hand I just make everyone feel valued and important to the team effort

In addition I insist on quality and efficiency in work. I give clear expectation and expect my subordinates to deliver. This does not mean I create a toxic work environment I make it such that they can cooperate on whatever they are doing

Teamwork is essential in the workplace as it enables delegation, manager is able to cooperate with employee and decide who are the most qualified to handle certain tasks. These people are handed those responsibilities and since they are the most qualified, they deliver. Team work also ensures efficiency as when people come together they can complete a job faster and more accurately. It also creates a workplace that is productive in the sense members are willing to come together and brainstorm on solutions to challenges that may face the comoany. This cohesiveness makes the workplace a place employees enjoy and gives them a supportive framework where they can lean on each other (Hunziker, Johansson, Tschan, Semmer, Rock, Howell, & Marsch, 2011).


Leadership competencies in outer game

From the results I can deduce that I am good in fostering teamwork, this is because I can foster teams and am also a collaborator. In addition I scored quite high in interpersonal intelligence which implies am good at reading people or situation or simply perceptive

I also scored high on integrity and courageous authenticity. This implies that my inner values matches my outer values and as a result I am person who can be counted on as I am true and honest

In addition I scored very high on sustainable productivity. This implies that I can be productive in management for a long duration. As I am consistent as well as skilled

Finally I chive results. This I can be counted on to deliver

My results were basically in the upper quadrant which implies that am on the right track as am both task and relationship creative


Leadership consciousness in inner game

From the results it is clear that I am leader in the right headspace as I had vary impressive results in the upper quadrant and very low ones in the lower quadrant

This means that am self-aware and emotionally intelligent and as such I can be able to make decisions that correlate with my kills and thereafter become an effective leader

I have the right qualities to be an effective leader in both my inner and outer game

The inner game is often ignored as people focus on gaining competencies. The inner game however is an integral part of a person as it basically their operating system that eventually gives them their personal identity. A personal identity determines who a person really is and how they operate within their environment


Insight from analysis

From this activity I leant that it takes both the inner and outer game to make a person an effective leader. The better the outer game and the more mature the inner game the more effective one is(Anderson, Anderson, Adams & Adams, 2015)

I also learnt that we often forget to hone our inner game and often focus entirely on our outer game. This often results in an unbalanced work ethic

The inner game goes beyond the superficial and it is where the real breakthroughs are

A breakthrough in the inner game can result in a better outer game and make us more effective in our various positions

The world takes form in the consciousness. Consciousness eventually creates reality and we thereby need to start working from the inside out to become more competent individuals. Everything we do begins in our thought process and whatever we conjure up eventually shapes our world


Actions for growth and development

I have learnt that everything begins in the mind. In my day to day activity I will now be attaching whatever I want with great emotions as this will make it more likely to happen (Anderson, Anderson, Adams & Adams, 2015). I will also be adamant and go after what I want with great determination as repetitiveness eventually bears fruits. This is the concept behind repetitive advertising

In addition I will adopt a more positive outlook. This will make me appreciate everything in my vicinity and be in a better headspace. I will practice mindfulness and mind calming through yoga or even mediation. This will enable me to hone my inner game

The mind is a valuable asset that we do not make use of often enough. Anything we can visualize in our minds can come to pass and we need to focus our energies on what we want. It all starts with the mind



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