Humanities Project

Humanities Project

Huma 1301— Summer II 2018 Prof. Audra Heaslip

Creative Project Due Date: Sunday, July 22nd, 2018 by 11:59 p.m.

Having studied human creations from many different cultures, time periods, and genres, the time has come to try your hand at the creative process yourself. And if you’ve ever thought “I’m not a creative person,” one purpose of this assignment is to broaden your view of creativity. Whether it’s through visual, written, verbal, or physical expression, or simply making interesting connections between ideas – creativity is something we all have. THE GOAL Your assignment is to do ALL of the following:

1) Create an original work in one of the categories below, 2) Write a short explanation of your process, and 3) Share it with your classmates in a way that allows them to appreciate your intentions and your efforts.


1) Your work must be original, created by you alone, and/or performed by you alone (the only exceptions being a musical or dramatic performance, which may be someone else’s composition, with credit given). 2) If you want to create something that requires someone besides you to be involved, or if you plan to perform with another person, etc., you need to get written permission from me first. 3) You must create your project this semester. Do not submit something you created in the past. 4) Your creative work should reflect something about yourself. It will represent an idea that is important to you, reveal an aspect of yourself you want others to see, or exhibit a concept you find meaningful. 5) Keep in mind the aesthetics (literally, the beauty or pleasing qualities) of your creation. This includes format of presentation: for slide shows, please include a title page/title slide with your name, class information, and project title on it. The written portion can be included at the end of your presentation, or in a separate file. Please make sure all fonts/sizes/colors are readable and gentle on my old, weak eyes. 6) Do your best work, take the project seriously, and don’t let fear or anxiety hold you back! (Easier said than done, perhaps, but this project is about making a sincere effort to create something. It is not about competition or producing a masterpiece.) 7) The subject matter (topic) of your project can be almost anything you want, as long as it doesn’t violate the Collin College Student Code of Conduct. (PDF here; start at page 75 for detailed code of conduct.) Restrictions: nothing illegal; no content that harasses, exploits, or threatens any person or group of people; and no content that harms, endangers, or appears to endanger any person or animal.

Step 1: Creation and/or Performance Start by choosing one of the following mediums you’d like to work in.

• Literature: Original works of poetry, fiction, creative nonfiction (can include graphic novels or comics – Can be submitted entirely in written form; no performance necessary)

• Musical or dramatic performance: Original or borrowed work (must credit original composer/playwright), or your own composition, traditional or digital

• Visual arts: Original drawing, painting, collage, screen print, lithography • 3D arts: sculpture, carving, metalwork, tile or mosaic, clay, fired pottery, stained or blown glass, mixed

media, Lego, 3D printing • Digital arts: Original graphic design, machinima, videography, original graphics or rendered objects, digital

comics, original programming, Arduino, Raspberry Pi • Fabrication: Original costume design, makeup, cosplay, metalwork, jewelry making, other crafting • Game design: Original card game, board game, computer game, interactive/role play, etc. • Photography: Original photo essay or narrative, film or digital photographs, photo journalism • Fiber arts: Original works of knitting, crochet, spinning, weaving, quilting, other textiles • Cosmetics, Hair, and Fashion: Makeup, hair, clothing, accessories, that have an original component (your

own design, your own crafting or sewing, significant modifications, etc.)

• Other: Please contact me if you want to propose an idea for this project that is not listed here!

• Please: no food projects. I recognize the many artistic elements inherent in cooking and baking, but practical issues involving presentation and sharing have been logistically problematic.

• *Not allowed: anything illegal or in violation of the Collin Student Code of Conduct.

Sample Ideas to help spark your imagination:

Sample 1: Knitting Sample 2: Painted clay figurine Sample 3: Garden mosaic stepping stone Sample 4: Web Comic Sample 5: Lego bird feeder Sample 6: Wood carving Sample 7: Cosplay armor Sample 8: Mixed media collage Sample 9: Photo Essay (series of 10 photos) Sample 10: Ink drawing

Step 2: Written Portion (this part is submitted to me under “Assignments”; classmates will not see it) In a 300-500 word written response, you must do ALL of the following:

1. Describe in detail your process of making your project 2. Discuss the challenges or most difficult aspects of creating your work 3. Explain what the project means to you; why is it important? 4. Identify what tips you would recommend to others who would like to work in the same medium

Step 3: Share It with the Class (this part is submitted to the Creative Project Showcase on the Discussion Board. Everyone in the class will be able to view it) There are several formats to choose from in order to share your creative project with the class. I will post a link to the Discussion Board called “Creative Project Showcase” where you will upload your work. Keep in mind that your project should be easily accessible for all viewers. You may choose from the following formats, or another format if you have one in mind – just let me know!

• Presentation software, such as PowerPoint or Google Slides, to share photos or images of your project. They should be numerous, high quality, high resolution images that allow the viewer to see the various aspects, angles, colors, textures, etc. and truly appreciate the effort that went into your project. This method can work for written works as well as for photography or other kinds of images. There is no minimum or maximum number of slides or images.

• Video or audio of your performance: for musical or dramatic performances, or if you choose to read your own poetry or other creative writing out loud, make a short video (no more than 5 minutes) of you

performing. (Keep in mind the importance of audio quality, as well, in order to be understandable to listeners.) Post the media file to YouTube or Vimeo, accessible to the public, and provide the class with the link.

• Since the written portion (see above) is only submitted to me, it’s up to you to decide what, if any, written description you might share with the class in the Creative Project Showcase. Some people prefer to post a video or short story they wrote without any explanation. Others include a version of the written portion that is cut down or edited specifically for other students. And some just copy and paste their written portion into the same project that they share. It’s completely up to you – just consider what would make sense and give the best impression to your audience (the rest of the class).

• Note: Please make sure your project is open to view and not blocked or restricted, such as with Google drive or private YouTube accounts!

• Please do not give a bunch of different links or a long list of separate files. Keep your audience in mind. You need to do the work in advance to properly size the photos and present them in a manner that people can view without having to do all the work of opening each individual file. Check all links and any tech that could possibly go awry before publishing your work online.

Evaluation *Be sure to submit your written portion to Assignments on Canvas by the due date. This is necessary in order for me to give you a grade. **To share your project with others, you will need to upload it separately to the discussion board on Canvas. Look for the discussion forum titled “Creative Project Showcase.” The project itself 50% (originality, quality and effort, follows guidelines) The written portion 25% Sharing it successfully with the class 25% ———————————————————————

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