The most suitable path to achieve success in academic writing is by placing your order at GapPapers.com that guarantees superior quality custom essay and research papers. The first step involves filling the order form provided in the “ORDER NOW” page in the site. All information required must be provided before proceeding to the payment after which we send a confirmation email of receipt of the order and its payment.Any additional materials can be uploaded as a word document, PDF file, png, jpeg, or otherwise depending on the preference of the client. A suitable writer is then identified based on the field of proficiency and competence in the field specified in the instructions. The following is an elaborate and simple procedure that guides the process of our service delivery:

  • Visit the ordering page and fill the necessary information in the order form. In case you need clarification in the process of filling the form, you can click the ‘info’ sign at every filed title that triggers a pop-up window that gives the relevant details.
  • After completion of the order form, the system automatically directs you to your personal order page/account that facilitates easy tracking of your assignment progress. The page also allows for uploading any desired files and messaging the support staff and the writer.
  • Complete the ordering process by submitting payment
  • You can select a preferred writer or leave the option at the discretion of the administrator.
  • The company staff in the administration department assigns the order to the suitable writer based on experience and proficiency of the course discipline and the instructions indicated in the order form. It becomes possible to communicate with the writer through the messaging system and chat room. It is also prudent to indicate beforehand the need to use any software as part of the instructions to facilitate efficient in assigning the competent writer.
  • The paper is processed through all stages as per the guidelines and delivered to the personal account in our site for easy download. An email notification is sent top your email when the paper is ready for download.

How confidential is your services?

To facilitate effective transaction with our company, it is prudent that we request for personal information including names, phone number and email address. The information is only used to make sure that we are in contact during the writing process and no information can be disclosed to a third party whatsoever. We ensure the highest standard of confidentiality and security of client information. The information is used by the support staff to communicate through email and phone calls using only the number __________________ that is provided in our website. In case a person calls using any other number pretending to be our staff, please consider that as a scam and ignore. No member of staff at GapPapers.com will ask for a disclosure of the credit card information of the client through email, chat room or phone conversation.The personal information applies only in the process of payment through the PayPal or Moneybookers billing form which also upholds the highest echelons of client information confidentiality. After the receipt of the payment at GapPapers.com, the billing department in the company sends a confirmation to the personal account of the client. You can access more information concerning the privacy and confidentiality privacy in the Privacy Policy page at out site.

What Is the Physical Address of GapPapers.com?

GapPapers.com is an online academic research assistance agency that is fully certified and incorporated in London. Since the inception of the company way back in 2000, we have prevailed as a service provider to UK, US, Australian as well as Canadian clients. However, it does not imply that we are limited to only those countries because we also extend our services to many other global regions including your home country. Our support staff offices are in Ukraine.

How do I submit my payment?

The system guides the client to the last page of checkout where payment is submitted

Is your site payment process secure and safe?

The company has partnered with both the Moneybookers and PayPal because they also hold high standards of business ethics similar to GapPapers.com and thus safety, security as well as efficiency are guaranteed. The two financial companies are well established and recognized across the globe courtesy of their value for efficiency, transparency, safety as well as urgency in money transfer and the services offered are therefore of the highest standard attainable. They are formally registered and certified and can thus be trusted by anybody in any part of the globe. GapPapers.com offers the opportunity to our client to make a choice between Moneybookers and PayPal depending on their convenience. The website is designed to direct the client to the guidelines and the site page with suitable tips that facilitate convenient payment process. The payment details is received n the billing department of GapPapers.com within a very short time after payment submission and a notification is sent to the client account page meaning that the writing process starts immediately. You can visit our site to access more information on Moneybookers and PayPal

Why Are Your Prices So High/Low?

If you are a first time visitor to our site, it can be possible that you perceive our prices as high compared to other service providers in the industry. Conversely, we consider highly attentive and time intensive services that address all the concerns of the client and attain an exclusive writing that meets the personal approach that is preferred by individual client. This is a deep secret that enhances your performance as well as the learning process of the client, leading to exceptional grades in the course that we intervene and offer assistance. Our level of originality and customization creates even more difference in our custom papers compared to other agencies in the market. Most companies entice clients with prices below 10 dollar per page but are warned that this is an epic ploy that lures the client to low quality and resale papers that are worth failing marks. You cannot expect a PhD writer to perform well with a price of 7 $ per page!! Allocating the company 3$ to run all other operations is also absurd and impossible, meaning that it can be difficult to assure quality and timely delivery.in most cases, such agencies must design other methods to survive financially and cover the overhead costs of operations and the writers compensation including reselling a custom paper that has already been submitted to another client.They end up jeopardizing the academic performance of the client which is highly perilous and suicidal!! Avoid such traps through considering the appropriate payment for a professional writer and the company expenditures.

Do You Offer Money Back Guarantee?

To have a better understanding of refund policy, kindly visit the Money Back Guarantee in our website for further details.

Who Will Write My Custom Paper?

The choice of the most suitable writer for any order placed by a client depends on experience and qualifications in the field of interest. We consider the degree in the relevant field as our hiring policy demands that the minimum academic level for any writer is a bachelor, masters or PhD degree in any academic discipline. This has been a superb arrangement in our company that facilitates selection of a suitable writer who can adequately address the particular requirement in any assignment and for any course. We also consider a number of parameters to ascertain the skill level of the writer and suitability to handle any assignment in our system. They include the academic skills as well as the level of expertise of the writer.